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People are urged to check the ‘hidden code’ on hot water bottles to see if they are dangerous

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

As temperatures drop and we’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves warm this winter, experts are now warning us to check the “hidden code” on hot water bottles to make sure they’re safe enough to use.

With the days getting colder as time goes by, but rising cost of living crisis Unfortunately continuing to make its impact felt nationwide, reaching to turn on the heating is something many of us will sadly think twice about this year, which means hot water bottles are likely to become a go-to accessory for many.

But now experts are warning of the importance of knowing every hot water bottle’s “hidden code” that tells when it was made and how safe it will be in use.

Old hot water bottles are more likely to be damaged and tear when they come into contact with boiling water, which means there is a higher risk of them cracking and subsequently rumbling. people, resulting in serious injury.

After being contacted by a parent whose child suffered third-degree burns from a burst hot water bottle, and after hospitals warned that this type of injury happens regularly, consumer expert Alice Beer is appeared on ITV This Morning this week to explain the hot water bottle ‘hidden code’ system and why it’s so important.

It all depends on the year the hot water bottle was made and the month of that year in which it was made.

Explaining in more depth with an example of a hot water bottle on the shelf, Beer said: “You don’t know because it’s a brand new hot water bottle in a fluffy blanket. Why would you want to take it off unless I’m sorry, but I think this is the worst system for printing a date because it’s so confusing.

“Inside you have a daisy date. There are 12 segments and in the middle of that you have a 22. This one was made in 2022. Then you have 12 segments around the outside and those are the months.

“You can tell the month of manufacture from which the points end. There are points in eight segments so it was done in August.

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Beer added that the number of dots on a hot water bottle indicates the week it was made.

On top of that, Beer also recommended that hot water bottles be replaced every two years, or whenever they stop smelling like rubber, and that people shouldn’t pour boiling water into their bottle and wait for it. it cools slightly first.

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