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Working remotely: The 25 best side gigs to do from home and how much they pay

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Side hustles are more popular than ever, especially since the start of the pandemic. According to Coursera, nearly one in three people with side gigs need extra income, with 45% of American workers reporting additional employment.

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“The pandemic has forever changed how, when and where we work, causing many people to tap into their transferable skills, interests or hobbies for side jobs, or even as possible career paths,” said Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs.

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FlexJobs said side jobs can be done on a part-time, seasonal or casual basis, and are good options for bringing in extra income, gaining experience in new industries or new career paths, building professional networks, retire or pursue passions.

FlexJobs has named the 25 best side jobs that can be done from home, has active job listings, is open to applicants based anywhere in the United States, and spans a variety of industries and career levels. Here’s the full list, including the average salary provided by Payscale.

  1. Accountant — $18/hour
  2. Career Coach — $19/hour
  3. Program Writer — $29/hour
  4. Editor-in-chief — $19/hour
  5. Customer Service Representative — $14/hour
  6. Editor — $20/hour
  7. Executive Assistant — $21/hour
  8. Graphic Designer — $18/hour
  9. Health coach — $20/hour
  10. Interpreter — $20/hour
  11. Lead Generation Specialist — $15/hour
  12. Medical coder — $19/hour
  13. Online ESL teacher — $20/hour
  14. Project Manager — $26/hour
  15. Concealer — $18/hour
  16. Recruiter — $19/hour
  17. Resume Writer — $19/hour
  18. Search Engine Evaluator — $19/hour
  19. Social Media Manager — $16/hour
  20. Technical support — $19/hour
  21. Test Prep Instructor – $18/hour
  22. Travel Advisor — $19/hour
  23. Tutor — $18/hour
  24. Virtual Assistant — $16/hour
  25. Writer — $21/hour

While there are plenty of options, the career coaching team at FlexJobs also said it’s important to make sure you’re making the right career choice. Determine how much time you can dedicate to side work and if it can fit into your schedule. Some markets may also hire in particular areas at higher rates than others.

You should also keep a list of your best transferable skills.

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FlexJobs pointed out that the best skills for freelancers or entrepreneurs include self-motivation, strong communication, organization, knowledge or willingness to learn certain business practices, the ability to work well independently, and be comfortable with uncertainty.

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