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Winemaker contest offers $75,000 to spend on your stampede

If you’re brave enough to start a new hustle or passion project, there’s a winery that might be able to provide that extra bit of courage.

But rather than a stiff drink, the Prisoner Wine Company is offering $75,000 cash to help one lucky person pursue their passion, whether that means finally launching their side hustle idea, embarking on a new career, or finding the time to tackle a creative search.

This week, the Napa Valley winemaker announced a new contest he calls “The Great Unshackling.” The company says the giveaway is inspired by the millions of Americans who have quit their jobs since the pandemic began in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation.

It should be noted that not everyone feels satisfied with the changes he has made in his professional life. A recent survey by job search platform Joblist found that more than a quarter of those who recently left their jobs now regret the decision.

“An extra boost to pursue a passion”

Prisoner Wine invites anyone who needs “an extra boost to pursue a passion” to enter their contest by posting a video on Instagram in which you describe how you would use the $75,000 to embark on an exciting new phase of your life. life and your career.

The competition, which takes its name from the Constellation Brands-owned company’s Unshackled wine portfolio, is looking for entrants who are “ready to break free from the daily grind to pursue their dreams,” the company said in a statement. Release.

“Want to design your own capsule collection? Go ahead. Want to create an Instagram-only speakeasy bakery from your kitchen? Be our guest,” the company added.

The winner does not have to quit their day job to claim the prize. The company says the competition is simply meant to give someone more freedom to pursue a side or passion project.

“We want this [$75,000] give someone the same freedom we had when we launched Unshackled – to follow their passions and chart their own course,” Bukola Ekundayo, chief executive of Prisoner Wine, said in a statement.

A panel of judges will comb through Instagram video submissions for the contest. You have until September 7 to post your pitch. Entrants must be residents of the United States and at least 21 years of age to be considered.

You will also need to tag and follow @unshackledwines on Instagram and your video must include the hashtags “#TheGreatUnshacklingContest, #21”. Read the official rules here.

The company says judges will narrow down entries to five finalists based on the “originality, feasibility and sincerity” of their submissions. Once the finalists have been selected, the winner will be chosen by an online public vote.

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