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Why did the Beatnikz Republic brewery in Manchester close?

While the brewery’s chief executive and founder, Paul Greetham, was ‘very sad’ to close the site, he said there was ‘no chance’ it would have opened in the wake of the tsunami of problems encountered by the sector over the years.

Like many businesses, the brewery began to struggle during Covid. According to Greetham, the initial shock of the drop from normal sales to zero was “terrible”, but there were support mechanisms such as furlough and subsidy applications that insulated businesses from the initial impact of the pandemic.

Despite this, the lockdowns, shutdowns, various restrictions in place, and constant closings and openings at fairly short notice have wrecked the business. The brewery found itself either massively overloaded or understaffed.

“It was almost like a constant rush to pivot into the required position regardless of the situation at the time,” Greetham said.

2022 has come with a whole new host of problems. A few large orders failed for the company, and the Omicron Covid variant ruined the Christmas trade. Added to this were rising transport costs and staff shortages, which Greetham said were the “last straw”.

No money for everyone

“The cost of living crisis is skyrocketing, so everyone is paying more for utilities and food, which means people have less money,” he said. “The rising cost of beer is going up, and there has to be a margin somewhere, and unfortunately for the brewery, we seem to have hit the jackpot.

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