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When games mimic the real world: 3 ways the virtual world of finance strangely models the real world

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It is said that art imitates real life and that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, online digital video gaming is the sincerest form of “monetary flattery” possible. In the fantasy world of online gaming, in-game economies mimic real-world fundraising activities. And there’s no better example of “flattery” at the highest level than the in-game economy of the hit online game Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

Virtually everything you need

Pick up a living. Buy and sell property. Earn bonuses for jobs well done. Take a side gig to earn more money. Trade things with others. As the imitation says, this virtual world economy has it all:

  • Residential neighborhoods and subdivisions
  • Real estate you can buy
  • Fashion and accessories
  • The ability to buy, sell and own plots
  • Housing plans, land abandonment, relocation and demolition of properties
  • Trades and crafts – fighters, doctors, carpenters, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, miners, fishermen… and more
  • Jobs, job descriptions, and “promotions” – but only after you’ve “mastered” a trait that paves the way for more jobs and pursuits
  • You even have “Recruitment Agents” (Duty Finder and Party Finder), which is a matchmaking system for the platform, which brings “parties” (much like project teams) together for a ” duty” (like roles or positions)

What about travel and destination activities? Well, FFXIV has that too. However, you may need to use a “travel agency” (the original world transfer service) and pay an actual fee (currently set at around $18 per trip).

Earn your donation

Here in the real world, everyone has to make a living. The economics of labor is this: you don’t work – you don’t earn a salary! It’s as simple as that (mostly). The FFXIV Digital Workworld imposes a similar financial regime on its players.

The model of financial success in the realm of fantasy is eerily similar to the real world – risk takers, entrepreneurs, adventurers and hard workers are rewarded. Lazy people get nothing! And just like in our real world, those living in the world of FFXIV have options to emulate real-world financial success.

In our world, we get paid for jobs, chores, gigs, and errands. Out there in cyberspace, however, your daily activities (tasks, chores) are Duty Roulettes. Players pledge to earn daily “rewards”, which come in the form of in-game currency called FFXIV Gil – among others, including Allagan Tomestones and Grand Company Seals.

Many players (like some lazy people in the real world) ignore their wheels. However, those who fully earn their living, completing all their tasks, can easily earn over 70,000 Gil. Doing your “dailies” is a great source of income, especially if you’re qualified for the heavy lifting – like a stockbroker or hedge fund manager earns.

And then there are plenty of opportunities to earn rewards, which you can turn to Gil. Like real-world job participants, you can earn rewards like Skybuilders scripts, which you can then exchange for other goodies you can use in your digital world – like minions, hairstyles, rare dyes, and mounts. And, as we often do with gifts we don’t want – sell them on eBay or Amazon – you can also sell your digital goodies and earn a decent amount of Gil in return.

And what about Air Miles or reward points? Well, participating in FFXIV World Quests earns you rewards like tokens and party favors. Players then exchange these digital rewards for additional goodies, or can sell them. But you will only earn them if you participate and complete special events in the game economy.

Want to earn money fast? Why not search online for a side hustle that will earn you some pocket money? Well, in the FFXIV world, Clan Hunts can earn you some great rewards and EXP (experience) that you can cash in later (like previous work experience here on earth!). The process of financial gain is pretty much the same too – you go to the Hunt Board (online job site), agree to whatever level of bonuses you want – called Mark Bills (or salary/salary/expenses), then just end the hunt. And, just like many recruiters pay “headhunting bonuses”, you can even earn virtual brownie points in-game for recruiting a friend to join you!

Of course, in the real world, you’ll need to be properly equipped for the job: laptops, steel-toed shoes, gloves, hard hats, winter coat if it’s cold. Well, it’s the same in the world of work in cyberspace, except there, to land a job, you use bags of nuts to buy vendor items, like Diabolo’s Wings and Striking Dummy cosmetics. . And how would you get Sacks of Nuts currency? You work on other projects (Hunts) to earn them!

Enterprising Approach – Taking a Shortcut

Here in the real world, cash is king. Over there in the cyber game, FFXIV Gil is Gold. It’s as valuable as fiat currency is to us in the real world. Many in the real world are not thrilled with their “regular” jobs and often find ingenious ways to improve their finances. The same is true in the gaming world.

While players can become wealthy through in-game activities, such as roulettes, parties, and hunts, they are also forced to spend some of that wealth through in-game activities – just like we earn income. and spend it on the necessities of life (and luxuries) in the real world. But going the “traditional” route to earning Gil can be tedious and tedious – just like working 9 to 5 is.

However, enterprising players now have a quick way to get Gil – by trading – much like day traders and online FX currency traders do in the real world. A host of third-party vendors have set up trading mechanisms and shadow economies to help players get FFXIV Gil quickly. The flexible approaches used by these traders to fund player activity in-game include conducting these transactions using face-to-face “virtual” methods, through the Market Board, or using FFXIV’s Free Company Chest. .

The world of online game finance has come a long way since we earned “secret bonuses” when we played E-Motion (on the Amiga) in the 1990s. Today’s game rewards remarkably similar to those we find in the real-world financial system – with currency fluctuations and swings. So far this year, the real value of a Gil has reached $79.95 and $33.68. Welcome to the “real” fantasy world of financing!

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.

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