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Last week, Monday evening, Wetzel County Council President Linda Fonner called a special meeting to discuss a matter relating to an alleged incident at New Martinsville College. The case is believed to involve students from the school. Any discussions regarding students, staff or security most often take place in executive session.

As soon as the meeting opened, the Board of Directors proposed to go into executive session. The meeting lasted nearly an hour and upon their return, council members moved to adjourn the meeting.

Nearly fifty citizens had gathered to attend the meeting expecting to be able to participate or express their concerns. Unfortunately, special meeting protocol does not allow for any business other than that of the board.

One of the parents present was Mrs. Deanna Chubb. Speaking with her, she explained that her son was the student who had been bullied at school. Asking what she was hoping for as a solution to the event, Ms. Chubb explained that she had hoped the school would step in and correct the problem before it got to this situation. She also explained that this problem had been going on for some time and that she had spoken to the school administrators about the situation before it escalated to this level.

The following day, Wetzel County School Superintendent Ms. Tammy Wells released the following statement. “Last night the board met in executive session with members of the administration to review a recent event involving several students at a school in the New Martinsville area. This event has been the subject of many messages on social networks over the past week. The Board has taken no action and has not deliberated on any decision relating to these events. The meeting was purely informative. Under 20 USC 1232g, the Federal Educational Rights and Family Privacy Act, and West Virginia Board of Education Policy 4350, the law prohibits the board and administration to make public statements about the students involved or any personally identifiable information about those students. As Superintendent, I can assure the public that state and local policies were followed in the investigation and handling of this matter. As always, the administration and board remain focused on the task of providing a safe and supportive school environment for every student, every day.

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