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Wellsville School Board discusses safety and security | News, Sports, Jobs

WELLSVILLE — The school discussed school safety and what it can do to increase the safety of staff and students at its meeting on Tuesday.

Board and Schools Superintendent Richard E. Bereschik discussed adding double-entry doors and metal detectors to school buildings.

Bereschik noted that he was interested in visiting some of the schools in the state that have metal detectors and seeing what they do and how well they work.

There will be further discussion on this at future board meetings.

These would be in addition to the security measures already in place in school buildings.

Security measures already in place include:

Resource Officer in each building daily

All exterior doors are locked at the late bell

Access to buildings is more restricted. Resource worker meets parents at the door to receive items brought items brought for students

BOLO sticks have been installed in the classrooms

Parents/guardians must call ahead to notify the office of student appointments and early terminations

The automated one-call system will notify parents that their child is absent from school. The message will be sent at 9:00 a.m.

The halls, car parks and toilets are monitored several times a day

School cameras are integrated live into the police department

Vape detectors are installed in high school

Threat extinguishers are in each building

Installation of a key fob entry system for staff

The application of 3M security film on the entrance doors and windows on the first floor

Implemented the Raptor ID system which requires all visitors to have their driver’s license or ID card scanned through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)

Background checks for all school volunteers, paid for by the school board

Transparent backpacks mandatory and provided by the district

The district also worked in conjunction with the Wellsville Police Department to implement the Tiger Line.

The Tiger Line is a police department-monitored phone number where students can call, text or send a picture to report children with guns or any type of weapon, someone talking about suicide , someone who is being bullied or abused or someone who is hungry, cold or homeless.

The Tiger Line number is 330-610-5111.

All calls and messages to the number will remain confidential.

Other council business included:

Approval of a contract with the Rich Center for Autism as needed

Approving the hiring of various staff members, including: a first-grade mentor teacher, a bus coordinator, substitute teachers, part-time employees, and bowling, volleyball and volleyball coaches. basketball

Approving the resignations of a bus coordinator, a cut-time employee and a weightlifting coach.

The Wellsville Board of Education meets the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in Wellsville Jr./Sr. High school.

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