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Washtenaw Community College Selected by Amazon as a Career Choice Education Partner

Today, Washtenaw Community College (WCC) announced that it has been selected as an educational partner for Amazon’s Career Choice Program, providing hourly Amazon employees access to college degrees and development courses. professional.

“Developing the current and future workforce is one of our core missions, and we are proud of this opportunity to partner with Amazon to provide high-quality educational options that will ultimately benefit employees. and families,” said WCC President Dr. Rose B. Bellanca.

The WCC offers 137 associate degrees and certificates, including 45 fully online programs, as well as accelerated and accelerated programs.

Enrollment and enrollment is ongoing for the fall semester which begins Monday, August 29. Additional start dates for a compressed semester start on September 21, October 5, and October 20.

Amazon’s Career Choice program is an educational benefit that equips employees with new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere.

The program meets individual learners where they are in their educational journey through a variety of education and development opportunities, including prepaid tuition and industry certifications designed to lead to jobs in request.

Amazon employs approximately 26,000 people throughout Michigan and operates 16 facilities in the state.

In the United States, the company is investing $1.2 billion to upgrade the skills of more than 300,000 employees by 2025 to help them access higher-paying, in-demand jobs.

Amazon’s Career Choice program has a rigorous selection process for third-party educator partners, choosing partners who are focused on helping employees through their education programs, helping them find jobs, and offering comprehensive training that leads to professional success.

“We look forward to Washtenaw Community College becoming a Career Choice Education Partner, adding to the hundreds of top-notch offerings available to our employees,” said Tammy Thiemann, Global Program Manager of the Amazon’s Career Choice program. .

“We are committed to empowering our employees by giving them access to the education and training they need to advance their careers, whether at home or elsewhere. We have intentionally cultivated a network of third-party educator and employer partners committed to providing excellent education, placement resources, and continuous experience improvements. Today, more than 80,000 Amazon employees around the world have already participated in Career Choice and we’ve seen firsthand how it can transform their lives,” Thiemann said.

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