Voters will choose Beck or Binsbacher as mayor

Voters in Peoria head to the polls to choose a new mayor and vote on competitive contests in two city council districts.

Competitive races include:

  • Jason Beck and Bridget Binsbacher for mayor.
  • Diane Douglas and Brad Shafer for the Mesquite District in North Peoria.
  • Jennifer Crawford and Vicki Hunt for the Acacia District in South Peoria.

Michael Finn and Denette Dunn are unopposed in their ridings.

The mayoral race has become the most expensive, controversial and partisan election cycle in the city’s recent history.

Two factions have evolved: the incumbents who have helped shape the city’s current direction, and the candidates who insist on the need for change, ranging from increased police funding to different economic development strategies.

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Peoria mayoral candidates Bridget Binsbacher and Jason Beck.

In one corner is Beck, a Peoria business owner and political newcomer, who has the support of Crawford and Douglas. The three, if elected, would join council members Dunn and Jon Edwards on the council as a majority coalition.

The group of five coalesced under Beck’s campaign motto to “realize Peoria’s full potential” ushering in a new era of urban leadership focused on job creation, increased police spending and fair treatment for residents of South Peoria.

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