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Vocational Education Building reopens after renovations – The Parthenon

Abby Ayes

The Provost, Avi Muhkerjee, cutting the ribbon for the renovated Vocational Education Building

After undergoing its second renovation in two years, Marshall University’s Career Education Center has reopened to students and employers.

Career Center staff members gathered in the brightly lit lobby, ready to showcase everything they have to offer students, from creating digital profiles to portraits to preparing for interviews.

In preparation for the new academic year, the Career Education Center focuses on preparing students for the job market with fully updated facilities and technology in one building.

In addition to providing spaces for students to practice their interview skills and resume writing, the building renovation provides additional office space for employers to come and interview students in person and virtually, according to the director of the Center, Chris McDavid.

“The capacity we have now allows employers to come here and do interviews. So we’re not trying to fight and find space on campus for these interviews. We also now have a classroom space open for employers to come and do group session type things with the students as well, so just having the extra space and being able to use it with the employers as well as the students,” McDavid said.

The Career Center renovation allows staff to better support students from their first semester through their last, according to Jennifer Brown, associate director for student engagement and marketing.

“The main goal is really to prepare students to enter the job market and so for the different events we have the etiquette dinner that we have ‘Suit Up’, you know, all these things to help them prepare and help them be confident,” says Brown. “We really encourage first-year students [and] sophomores to move on and start coming to us and start building your relationship with our staff, and then we can connect you with employers and start building that trust early.

With the renovation complete, staff members look to the next few months of working with students.

“We are here and available for all these different needs. You know, we’re addressing a variety of needs with students, not just one thing, I think students hear “career” and they just think of resumes or something, but we touch on so many different aspects and there’s there are so many things we can help get ready,” McDavid said. “Don’t let our name stop you.”

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