Vacation jobs for students

Vacation jobs that teens and college students can get involved in.

Young people who want to gain experience
Young people who want to gain experience. Image: Unsplash

The school holidays are fast approaching, with schools in KwaZulu-Natal closing this week or next for the June/July holidays. Universities will also be on hiatus.

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For those who may find themselves stuck at home – and bored, here are some opportunities to earn some extra cash or volunteer at:

1. Babysitter

Looking after someone else’s child might be considered a rather easy task for an older teenager. You may need some basic first aid training and it would be helpful if you have babysat experience so you can gather references to help build your reputation.

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If you have younger siblings or cousins, childcare comes naturally, so why not give it a try?


2. Lifeguard

With more and more holidaymakers entering the province, the beach is going to be the main attraction. So, becoming a lifeguard is the job that can be extremely important in this regard.

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This job would require you to know how to swim and, of course, basic ocean rules. In KwaZulu-Natal alone, there are plenty of beaches along the coast that even offer lifeguard coaching, so that’s something to consider.


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3. Coffee maker

Want to become a barista? Working in a cafe is another activity one can do.

A barista should have mastered their coffee-making skills, but their role is as much about providing a customer with an enjoyable experience as it is about serving drinks.

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4. Server

It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s perfect for kids who want a little extra cash.

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Being a waiter means you’re on your feet all day. It is therefore important to have energy beams and the will to continue.

Server carries more than 30 plates at a time

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5. Promotional work

You would need to be a bit older for this type of work, so university students would be ideal for this. This opportunity would be great if you have a good personality.

With this job you would need to market a venue or whatever they would need you to market or sell to the public. It can be anything from perfume to clothes to an event.

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So with this line of work, being practical, thinking on your feet, knowing how to sell an idea to someone, as well as being a social person would make you the ideal person.

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