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Two choices offered for the name of the secondary school | News, Sports, Jobs

WATCH Photo by MJ Stafford Dunkirk School superintendent Michael Mansfield, right, speaks at a school board meeting on Tuesday. Beside him is Jennifer Westerholt, director of communications for the district.

The Rectorate of Dunkirk ended speculation over a new name for Dunkirk high school by approving a two-choice community survey on Tuesday.

The choices are Dunkerque Junior-Senior High School and Dunkerque High School.

The state Board of Education questioned whether the district would rename the buildings, after reconfiguring where students attend classes last year.

“It’s an option not to do it. It is an option to leave the Dunkirk high school, “ which is currently the official name registered with the state, Superintendent Michael Mansfield said Tuesday.

He said the school board “expressed a desire to honor some of the prominent figures in the district.” However, he continued, the district doesn’t necessarily have to honor them with building names — halls and playgrounds could be renamed instead.

Mansfield directly asked the council if they should sound out the wishes of the community and received approval to do so. He then asked what the community’s choices should be on secondary school.

Council members Claudia Szcerbacki and Marcus Buchanan said they did not support a name change for the secondary school.

Chairman of the Board, Kenneth Kozlowski, said: “This thing took its own life. People thought we were renaming things. We don’t name schools after people.

He claimed the whole conversation started with a discussion about the name of the high school large group instruction room, where the council meets.

In fact, Mansfield announced on Tuesday that the room will be renamed for Roosevelt Haynes in a ceremony at the council’s workshop on Sept. 27.

The superintendent suggested, “We can collect a set of community and staff names that we can consider over time.” However, for now, the school board has only asked him to do the high school survey.

Mansfield was asked if council should pass a resolution to launch the inquiry. Mansfield didn’t think so – but added, to laughter, “If I do, declare that Ed will tell me and I’ll be back.”

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