Twitter employees: Those laid off from Twitter won’t have too much trouble finding jobs

People fired by Twitter’s new boss are looking for jobs. But despite a general slowdown in hiring, the microblogging platform’s former Indian staff won’t have too much trouble landing new jobs, according to executives at half a dozen recruitment and search firms. executives, including ABC Consultants, CIEL HR Services, Hunt Partners, Randstad, Adecco and ManpowerGroup.

“Candidates contact us through our career page and various social media channels,” said Alok Kumar, Senior Director of ManpowerGroup.

Twitter employees will also be window shopping as they have three months’ salary in their pocket, Kumar said. “The redeployment of these candidates will be relatively easy because they are part of a renowned microblogging social media platform,” he said.

Many terminated Twitter employees have contacted these companies for employment opportunities. Technology professionals, in particular, receive several job offers.

“They (especially tech talent) can get jobs even within a week,” Ratna Gupta, senior director of ABC Consultants, told ET. It all depends on their urgency. “Some people might like to do a little shopping.”

According to Aditya Mishra, general manager of CIEL HR Services, three profiles are approached. These include data science and engineering, sales and marketing, and communications and public policy.

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“They usually have 8 to 12 years of experience,” he said. “These skills are in demand and therefore I don’t see any problem for them to find suitable opportunities.”

Adecco India Director Ramesh Alluri Reddy said, “Product technology companies are showing strong interest in recruiting tech talent. Core technology talent will have no challenges, there is also a healthy demand to pursue support function roles offering marginal raises.

Tech talent including product developers/managers, data scientists, digital marketing experts, and UI and UX designers are in high demand, according to recruiting services firms. Companies ready to absorb this talent pool belong to the internet, technology, eB2B, consumer, media and entertainment sectors.

According to Nikita Garg, partner at Hunt Partners, senior talent is well positioned relative to the market, as Twitter is one of the hottest companies in the industry.

“They will eventually get placed and move on to other equally good jobs,” she said.

According to Yeshab Giri, Commercial Director, Recruitment and Randstad Technologies, Randstad India, there is a strong demand for employees with dynamic and futuristic skills in content, communications, new era digital technologies and media marketing. social.

A former Twitter employee said those who were fired received support.

“All of my colleagues who have posted on social media on platforms such as LinkedIn have received multiple responses from people sharing opportunities at their respective companies and offering to help out,” the person said. “In case the job profile did not suit them, they in turn circulated it to other relevant colleagues to whom it would be suitable. We hope we all get something decent as soon as possible.

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