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Kari Huff helps clients get the most out of their travel budget

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When planning a vacation, there are some unknowns for the average DIY planner. Scouring the Internet for deals or reviews of a resort or destination is both time-consuming and confusing. Can you really trust these online reviews? ThatThat’s why hiring the services of a travel professional like Kari Huff is a wise decision that can eliminate stress and ensure your vacation meets your expectations.

Huff started her career as a travel agent affiliated with CS Elements Travel in February 2020. It was not the best time for this new career as COVID-19 largely halted travel for several months. Huff saw this as an opportunity to learn more about destinations she could recommend and to be aware of travel restrictions that could impact her customers when choosing destinations.

We monitored these restrictions closely as they could change daily,” she recalls. That way we could advise people on what to expect.

Huff works from her home in Knox. She got into the travel industry as a busy mother with a large family, with the task of planning family vacations.

I was planning our own trips and loved it,” Huff says.

She started planning trips for friends and it became a hustle and bustle for her. Now, hehis career.

Disney is one of his areas of expertise, developed by his own familyvacations. Huff also specializes in all-inclusive Caribbean travel, large group travel, and destination weddings.

If anyone is interested in a trip, contact me,” Huff says.

She can help her clients find the right destination by asking the right questions. Huff wants to know where they want to go, what kind of vibe they want, and what they want to do.

Some customers want a laid back and relaxing trip, and others want to indulge in lots of activities. Whatever their vacation style, Huff has the knowledge and connections to guide their guests.

When planning a trip, Huff offers some tips to make the process easier. First, think about the budget. This may determine the location and level of accommodation and activities available.

Second, travelers need to decide what they want their vacation to be. Are they looking for a romantic getaway? Are they looking for a family resort with lots to do? Some people just want to relax, says Huff.

Huff describes his role as a travel agent as a personal concierge. Often the travel agent has been to the resort or destination and has first-hand knowledge that is helpful in helping plan vacations for clients. They also know what amenities airlines offer passengers.

We are specialists in the domains we sell,” she says.

Huff has personally visited over 50 resorts in Mexico. Amenity information and other details about these resorts are updated on a spreadsheet for quick reference when working with clients.

Travel agents also work for the customer and can intervene when flights are canceled or when problems arise during the trip. Huff will call the airline and take care of making new arrangements, for example, so that its customers do notThey don’t have to spend their vacation time dealing with this time-consuming task.

To blowTravel agent services are free,” says Huff, adding that this is misunderstood by many people. Customers pay for the travel package and its services are remunerated by hotels, resorts and other suppliers in the travel industry.

Disney continues to be a popular destination for travelers, and the Dominican Republic is also seeing a lot of interest, she says.

Huff grew up in Knox. She and her husband Rob have five children aged 8 to 17.

It’s possible for a large family like hers to afford to travel, Huff says. Travel is a way to save time in busy lives to do something memorable.

I could do it for my family of seven,” Huff says. Thisit is affordable and doable.

Contact Huff at 219-395-6537 or CS Elements Travel is located at 198 West State Road 130 in Valparaiso.

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