You are currently viewing Toronto HR worker’s side hustle visits one of Canada’s largest retailers

Toronto HR worker’s side hustle visits one of Canada’s largest retailers

When a Toronto HR worker in banking started her own small business as a side hustle, stepping into one of Canada’s largest retailers seemed like a fantasy.

Now Glam Galaxy Cosmetics has arrived at Winners, and founder Shobana Thangarajah isn’t stopping there.

She actually started dreaming up the concept in 2019 and fought to register the company in 2020 and launch it in 2021.

Thangarajah first came up with her ideas because she found she wanted to switch products too often throughout the day, and Glam Galaxy products are now designed to have more than one function.

For example, she created a four-in-one lip liner ($23) with four different shades for different events you might encounter in your day, as well as a dual-ended lipstick/liner combo ($16) and lipstick/gloss ($22).

It was not easy to start the brand while working full time, but Thangarajah relied on her time management and organizational skills, as well as the support of people around her.

“Rather than watching Netflix or hanging out with my friends after work, I would continue to work or even plan to work with my friends. Also, I’m a freak of diary and to-do lists, so I have like three physical diaries, then my online diary and my phone diary,” Thangarajah told blogTO.

“Every morning I would write down what I needed to do for the day, then on Thursday I would create a list of things I needed to do for the weekend, then on Sunday I would create another list of things I should. do. do for the week.”

For some, ditching Netflix and getting out seems brutal, but Thangarajah actually insists she feels she has a great work-life balance. She even runs another small event decorating business that she started as a hobby in college.

“Running this business and having a full-time job doesn’t stop me from going to my friend’s birthday party or joining sports leagues,” Thangarajah says.

“There may be times when I have sleepless nights or blackouts due to the amount of work I have, but having my extremely supportive older sisters and friends who are always supportive and ready to help really helps. a positive difference.”

It makes sense that she sometimes breaks down, as she always comes across as vulnerable contacting retailers trying to get her products into their stores.

“I first contacted Winners in December 2021 but was declined but then tried to email them again in March 2022 which led to a meeting with the cosmetics buyer for Winners,” says Thangarajah.

Her perseverance pays off steadily, and even after less than a year in business, her dream of becoming the first take-out multifunctional cosmetics seller doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Glam Galaxy is launching eye products around fall 2022 and hopes to expand with multifunctional products in other areas like skincare and brushes.

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