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Top 6 Side Gigs That Will Impress Future Employers

College is about many things – personal growth, having fun with friends, making memories – but it’s also about gaining the experience and knowledge you need to enter the world and thrive in it. the professional sphere. Students start with side hustles, jobs they can do while taking on a full course load, so they can still earn money even when they’re busy with classes. However, if you’re looking to gain work experience and earn money, here are six side activities you should look into that will really impress your future employers.

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1. Teaching/Tutoring

College teaches you a lot of amazing and useful skills: why not use those skills to earn some money for yourself? Teaching or tutoring can be a great job opportunity for students, especially if you plan to take up teaching as a profession upon graduation. Even if you’re not, it’s still a great job for you for many reasons. For starters, most colleges hire students as tutors and teaching assistants, which means you already have easy access to the position. Plus, putting your tutoring experience on your resume is really powerful. This sends a message to employers that you have a good knowledge base as well as strong interpersonal skills, so this is a great opportunity for you to pursue.

2. The service industry

One of the toughest jobs you can do in this world is working in customer service, and employers know it! To work in the service industry, you need to be adaptable, quick-witted, able to deal with intense pressure, and be able to act in a friendly and outgoing manner even when you don’t feel friendly at all. Spending time in the service industry will earn you money for your efforts, but it’s also a great place to start writing your resume. If you’re looking for jobs you can do while you’re still in school, customer service might be the best place to start.

3. Social media management

The world is becoming more and more dependent on social networks, there is no way to escape it. A basic level of understanding of social media is a necessary skill in many jobs you will apply for, and even more jobs are being created around this new frontier. This means that having tangible experience working with social media on your CV is a huge advantage if you can find a position! Being a social media manager, whether for a club, for your university or as an intern, is an incredibly marketable skill that you should capitalize on while you’re still in school and have time to do it. TO DO. Adding it to your CV will show future employers that you have a well-rounded skill set that they can put to work in this increasingly digital age.

4. Internships

It’s a bit of a broad category, but it’s so important that it had to be included. The internships are practically made for college students. They’re low-commitment, so you can maintain a full course load and social life, they help you gain valuable work experience in your chosen fields, and they get you in the door with companies and employers. who could be references for other jobs. (or maybe even offer you a full-time job once your internship is over). The downside is that most internships are unpaid, but if you look closely, there are opportunities to earn money while you work! With websites like Handshake and resources like your college’s career services center, finding an internship is easier than ever, which means why wait? If you are looking for advice on finding a summer internship before the start of the semester, you can also click on this link to start your search process and find your new side job.

5. Independent Writing

Writing is one of the core skills in college – with all the essays most students prepare for, you need to get good at it eventually. So if you have the skill, why not take advantage of it and get paid for your writing? Freelance writing opportunities are a great source of income and can be a great asset to your resume. You can write copy for advertisements, create articles on topics that interest you, or even start a blog and share your thoughts with the world. The added benefit of freelance writing is that you will also end up with a long list of writing samples that you can use for future applications, which will make it even easier to hire full-time once you have got your degree. Use those writing skills and get paid for it? What’s not to like?

6. Child care

The classic after-school work for so many high schoolers; you might not even think it’s worth adding to your resume, but it absolutely is! Although simple on the surface, babysitting is by no means an easy job. Managing kids is a hassle (as any parent knows), and being a good babysitter means you’re able to problem solve on the fly, multitask, and work with kids emotionally and socially. If you’re light on what to add to your resume, babysitting can be a great job to add, and a little extra cash from some parents certainly doesn’t hurt.

There you have it, six ideas for side activities that will really impress your future employers. College is a busy time in your life, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to prepare and prepare to step into the world in a few years. I hope you have a better idea of ​​how to leverage your college years to put your best foot forward when it’s over.

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