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TikTok’s Natalie Venture Talks WFH, Side Hustle, and Work-Life Balance

Corporate Natalie is exhausted. TikToker, 25, has amassed over 400,000 followers on the app, posting hilarious takes of her real full-time job in the corporate world. “I’m tired after doing all that, doing those two jobs. I am tirednessNatalie tells me on Zoom. “How do I continue to flourish, clean my whole apartment? I mean, God forbid, I turn my camera now and you see what my room looks like.

While Natalie is known for her high, bubbly energy on TikTok — where most of her videos consist of funny (and overly relatable) co-worker POVs and re-enactments — she’s not alone in her fatigue. In a June 2022 survey by Optimum Nutrition, a brand Natalie is associated with, the brand found that 66% of Gen Z workers canceled Friday plans because they were exhausted by the end of the week. of work. “As a person, I try to be an extreme worker on the weekdays and an extreme social person on the weekends, seeing all my friends, going to all the events and being with everyone,” says Natalie. “So it was cool to see that feeling wasn’t just a Natalie thing.”

Natalie’s reasoning for Gen Z’s chronic burnout? The struggle to find work-life balance, especially with the WFH in the mix. “Thethere is so little separation between your work life and your home life when you‘work from home,’ says Natalie. There are so many benefits [to remote work] and I feel very lucky to be able to work in my room, but II am also in my room where I sleep.

Like most Gen Z workers, establishing a healthy work-life balance is always something Natalie is working on. “I’ve tried to be more mindful of every interaction I have, every community I’m part of, everything I‘I do. Does it serve me? Am I serving the people around me? said Natalie. “Just having this intentionality about your day makes you feel more fulfilled by the time you have for yourself.”

Being a TikTok star over a company employee, however, means Natalie’s after-work routine is a little different. When I could relax pouring a glass of wine or binge-watching I have never in bed, Natalie is busy building a social media empire. “My five to nine, we‘ll call it — while definitely scattered throughout the day — consists of branded offerings, interviews, podcasts, and organic content shoots,” Natalie shares. “Being a content creator is way harder than people think.”

But Natalie doesn’t want to give up on the content creation side of her job anytime soon, and says her work on TikTok is a unique asset to the corporate world. “Creating content has opened so many doors for me in my own work, in my life, and especially in giving me the opportunity to seek employment through the lens of, ‘Hey, I have so much to offer that can be that I put ondon’t have to match the job description you‘wrote on LinkedIn.’ At the same time, Natalie also doesn’t want to give up on the corporate world, having been there for three years since graduating from college in 2019.

Natalie isn’t the only Gen Zer working after work. In a 2022 survey, Microsoft found nearly half of Gen Z had secondary restlessness, redefining our approach to what “work” even is. “Gen Z is specifically so hungry for passion, so the idea of ​​doing something in a rigid corporate structure for the rest of your life, we kind of reject that notion.I don’t want to believe thatis going to be our life,” Natalie told Her Campus. “So we‘let’s pursue TikTok and content creation and side hustles. Thisis inspiring.

Also looking to create a side hustle from social media? Natalie’s tip: “Build your personal brand and get it out there and talk about it. I feel like people are so ashamed – they have drafts in their TikToks that they never post or things that theyam afraid to show the world. Show the world! Everybodyit’s weird. Everybodyis unique. Just show it.

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