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Three easy ways to increase your online income with minimal start-up funds

The advantage of earning online is that you can do it from any place and at any time according to your daily schedule. There are many ideas for generating extra income online. However, not all of these opportunities are options for people with little or no start-up funds.

Here are three trending suggestions that you can start low-key with minimal funds. If you succeed, you can also level up to earn a decent, one-time income.

1. Online tutorials

If you want to do anything these days – build a flat wardrobe, try out a new makeup technique, or groom your dog – there will be a YouTube tutorial to show you how.

If you have a particular skill or specialty, why not consider making short films to add to a YouTube channel? The reach can be truly global and there is no upfront investment.

You could be an avid home baker with an ability to make sugar or a competent music teacher. Increase your revenue stream by creating small courses that take the form of micro-learning.

Microlearning breaks down information into manageable units in a digital or flexible framework.

An alternative to traditional training methods, microlearning is a way to improve learning outcomes using different media. You can use it to teach DIY students or even employees of other companies.

Successful YouTubers with a relevant specialization can connect with organizations and companies willing to adopt new staff training techniques.

Your YouTube channel can be a perfect fit for an organization’s purposes, and subscribers can view your content from anywhere they have access to your subscription channel.

2. Blogging

Blogging is not a new idea, and there are a lot of people doing it, but there are also a lot of really boring and uninteresting blogs. There is always room for something new and different.

If you do your research, you will find a few blogs that have thousands of followers – these are the successful ones. Popular blogs with loyal subscribers can be monetized using paid advertising services and referrals with affiliates.

3. Voice over artist

Voiceover work can be very lucrative. Some jobs are home based, while others may be in the studio – you can mix and match.

This option will require some initial start-up funds, although not megabucks. It’s worth spending the money on a professional studio microphone – your selling point is the quality of your voice, after all.

Randy Thomas might not be a name you instantly recognize, but his voice is quite famous and familiar to a lot of people.

Randy has had huge success as a voice-over artist, but many people make a modest living by voicing commercials, telling stories, or producing training films.

The great thing about voiceover work is that accents and unusual voices are welcome. In fact, a distinctive voice can be an advantage.


There are many ways to make money online as a side business or even as a main source of income. The advent of working from home and hybrid working has made it even more accessible

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