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These 10 jobs will make you earn money from home

Turns out you like it at home. You don’t want to go back to the office after all, and instead want a new career where you can do all your work online from home or at least create a side income.

You’re lucky. There are many ways to do this. Here are 10 ways to make money online from home.

1. Find a job that allows you to work remotely in the career of your choice.

If you’re looking for a long-term way to make money from home, your best bet is to find a full-time remote job. Working full-time remotely will give you the peace of mind of a regular salary plus all the benefits of working from home. It used to be that remote work was a bit of a niche option for workers, but with recent events, many companies have realized the value and necessity of remote work opportunities.

There are several online job search engines such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster that can help you find online, remote, and full-time jobs in your field. However, our favorite free job search engine is ZipRecruiter, thanks to its robust and simple search features. Many ads on Ziprecruiter have the word remote in the title, so you’ll know right away if a job allows remote employees.

For example, you can create an account with ZipRecruiter for free. Once you enter a keyword or job title, you will be directed to all jobs in that field, some of which will offer remote positions. You will also receive contact details for hiring managers if you wish to contact them directly.

Use multiple job search sites to broaden your search. You want to cover all the bases and check out a handful of job search sites. The remote job you are looking for is here. You just have to find it.

Is your house ready to be a home office? You will need a desk, chair, computer and internet connection and a quiet place to work. Choosing an ergonomic desk and chair can save you neck and back pain later.

You can also add technical accessories such as a laptop stand or computer speakers. Shop carefully until your home office is perfect.

2. Accept freelance assignments online.

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There are many ways to make money online from home.

Are you a creative type happy to work on assignment from the comfort of your own home? If you answered “yes”, then self-employment might be right for you. You should start your research on job search sites, which offer temporary and freelance remote assignments in addition to permanent job openings.

In addition to the standard job search, it’s worth digging into your work history to find lucrative freelance assignments. Don’t forget to contact your former employers. You never know who may hire and a previous employer already knows your work.

The biggest pitfall of freelancing is waiting to get paid. You may complete a freelance job and have to wait several weeks before receiving payment. You will need to budget your money carefully during these times.

3. Use a gig work platform.

Upwork, Contently, and Fiverr are among the websites that connect freelancers looking for work with companies looking to hire them. These sites are great ways to connect your freelance business to various employers. But look into the salary before you jump in. The work may be plentiful, but you may earn less per gig than if you were negotiating alone.

4. Take online surveys.

With a little extra time, you can earn some extra cash. Taking online surveys from companies like Swagbucks and SurveyMonkey are easy ways to go a little greener.

Online surveys can last from 5 to 60 minutes and pay as little as $0.25 up to $100 or more. Check how much you will be rewarded for each type of survey you complete. Add up the money you will earn and calculate the time you will spend per survey. Is it worth it? You might have found a nifty hustle if the answer is yes. Don’t forget to check the sign-up bonuses. Online survey companies may give you $2 to $10 to get started.

5. Try websites and apps.

Usertesting and Userlytics are among the sites that pay you to test websites and applications. You will be paid to complete a few tasks and share your thoughts on the experience.

Tests are available for phones, tablets or computers and are assigned based on the profile you provide and your preferences. Your answers will help businesses develop things like website portals and computer software. Depending on the test, you can earn from $5 to $90.

6. Create an Etsy shop.

Do you do art, jewelry, personalized gifts, apparel or home decor? You can sell your wares and reach a large audience in the Etsy global online marketplace.

7. Sell photos online.

A photographer holds his camera in front of his face to take a picture.

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Various stock photography websites purchase work from photographers.

Do you like taking photos? You can sell them online on photography websites like Shutterstock, iStock Photo, and 500px.

8. Start a YouTube channel.

Do you like using your webcam? Make yourself a YouTube star. With YouTube, you earn money based on the views your videos get. You can also join the YouTube Partner Program which allows you to get paid through ads on your YouTube page.

9. Start a blog.

Do you like to write? Do you have a niche or specialty? You can earn money by writing and publishing your own blog. Building an email list, creating a digital download that readers can buy, and selling ad spots on your blog are all ways to make money.

Need help with ads? If you are at least 18 years old, you can sign up for Google’s AdSense to earn money from ads on your website. Once you have registered, Google will display ads on your website tailored to the content of your website. You’ll just need to add some AdSense code to your website to get started. The commission per click is between $0.20 and $15.

10. Start a podcast.

A podcaster speaks and gestures at a desk with a microphone and a laptop.

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Starting a blog or a podcast are two ways to make money from home.

It’s a bit of a running joke at this point that everyone has a podcast, but if the spoken word is in your skill set, a podcast could be a legit way to make money. All you need, other than a killer pitch, is a microphone, laptop and recording software and you can start a weekly podcast on your favorite topics. You can interview other people or speak at length on your own. Are you looking to make money? Get commercial sponsors for your podcast and use affiliate marketing.

For example, you can increase your podcast revenue by joining Amazon’s affiliate program. Once you sign up for the program known as Amazon Associates, you will be able to place affiliate links on your website. When one of your listeners makes a purchase on Amazon through one of these affiliate links, you earn a commission from Amazon.

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