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The Two Tracks brings live music to Sheridan, globe | Destination

With three albums and another on the way, national gigs scattered throughout a summer lineup, and recent debuts in Dubai, fans often share their surprise with band members The Two Tracks when they discover the quartet does not occur full time.

In fact, three of the four band members have full-time jobs and all four have families with children. That’s why they practice so late – 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, usually, unless they need to move things around to accommodate a band member’s family schedule or a busy work season. .

For The Two Tracks, it’s about playing music they love, trying something new, and having fun in their off hours.

“It’s our side hustle that turns into a big side hustle,” lead singer Julie Szewc said. “It becomes something really meaningful in all of our lives.”

Percussionist Fernando Serna and Szewc began collaborating musically through mutual musician friends in Bozeman, Montana. The two would write together while supporting each other in their separate endeavours.

Szewc and Serna teamed up with initial guitarist Aaron Asher to form the debut of The Two Tracks. When Asher left to pursue his master’s degree at the University of Wyoming, the two replaced the band member with bassist Taylor Phillips, who played in a band with Serna. The three played bars every other Friday in Sheridan, where they all ended up living, to gain exposure in live shows and learn how to successfully put sets together.

Soon after, Dave Huebner completed what is today the band and the band of four boast three albums with a fourth on the way.

The Two Tracks’ 2016 self-titled debut album was voted Wyoming’s Best Album by Wyoming Public Radio. The band recently traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to perform at the 2020 World Expo at the invitation of Global Ties US, which found the band through the Wyoming Arts Council.

The band doesn’t claim to need Nashville-level fame, but rather enjoy supporting and growing Sheridan’s thriving arts culture and bringing people together.

“(Live music) is one of those things that can bring everyone together when they’re not together because they have such different perspectives on life,” Serna said. “Music tends to do that.”

Every member of the band – apart from retired Serna – works full-time while raising children. Szwec is an associate broker with ERA Carroll Realty in Sheridan; Huebner is a marketer and Phillips works in his family business. Live music is what initially connected the band, and they will continue to bring people together through the live music experience.

Ashleigh Snoozy joined The Sheridan Press in October 2016 as a reporter before taking on the role of editor in November 2018. She is originally from Colorado and graduated from Biola University in Los Angeles.

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