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The Next Generation of Marketers: Social Media, Side Business, and Self-Starting

Most marketers enter the industry after studying and working in a different industry. Raptor Account Executive Olivia Derrington looks at the varied trajectories of her students enrolled in Raptor Academy and their thoughts on landing in marketing.

The students who make up our Raptor Academy come from all walks of life, with an abundance of different experiences and passions. This combination is now seen regularly in the next generation of marketers, ready to bring their unique voice to the table. Our academy is an opportunity for students to gain marketing experience and is informed by unique student interests. We caught up with this year’s student academy team – Alex, Seb and Emma – to discuss the importance of social media, side hustle and self-starting in the ever-changing marketing space.

Raptor looks at the varied trajectories of students entering the marketing profession

For many students, marketing was not their first career choice. Like many school-aged children, their aspirations ranged from football to theater and even archaeology. As Emma explains, at age 12, archeology had unquestionably become her focus. However, since then she has moved into travel and tourism, and now finds herself in marketing. For Alex and Seb, trying out different careers was always fun, even if it meant stepping away from acting for Seb. Students are now members of Raptor Academy and explore the idea of ​​becoming the next generation of marketers.

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Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these career progressions is what’s happening outside of the marketing space. For Alex, he worked at a top restaurant in his college town and worked his way up to fuel his passion for good food. Likewise, Emma also works at a restaurant and befriends younger students who are looking to get started. She maintains her creative interests playing the guitar through her musical education and creative training. Seb also grew up in a “family of performers” and in addition to making music, he creates video montages that reflect his passion for all things travel.

Along with lifestyle interests, these students make great strides in pursuing their careers, often through “side hustles.” For many of them, the academy gives them great insight and experience in the world of marketing, even though it is an area they may not have studied before.

Beyond the academy, Emma has her own Etsy business selling personalized scrunchies and shipping worldwide. According to her, this parallel turmoil and her vast professional experience have been an empowering way to create a better life for herself, both mentally and financially.

For Seb, the focus was on his transferable skills, working in legal translation and training alongside West End professionals.

For Alex, secondary hustle is about giving back. He regularly raises funds for charity and has volunteered at hospitals in the Dominican Republic. This charity-oriented aspect of his life is something he wishes to develop.

For many students, social media has become one of their most powerful tools, both in and around their current goals. Emma points out that she wouldn’t have found Raptor Academy without her. LinkedIn is cited as an effective resource for building networks and making people in higher positions both ambitious and more approachable. For Alex, it also allows him to create a detailed portfolio, which he would not have the opportunity to do on a regular CV.

However, all three students appreciate the dark side of social media. While many new marketers today grew up with YouTube and Tumblr (and are therefore tech-savvy), social media is also recognized as a “highlight” in a user’s life. As Seb succinctly puts it: “We are able to see through.”

When it comes to student plans after university, the focus is on the younger generation. Seb, Alex and Emma all mentioned their desire to focus on and inspire Gen Z. Seb explored the challenges of being able to get a foot in the door in the marketing space, citing the Raptor Academy as a great opportunity to learn the ropes. in a diverse environment. In terms of future employers, these marketers are looking for understanding and compassionate employers. According to them, the transition from university to professional spaces can be daunting, so compassion is key.

It’s no surprise that there’s also a resounding desire for progression in their future roles. Essentially, employers should want them to succeed. As for hiring Gen Zers, these students mentioned the importance of having a diverse workforce and making selections based on personality and not just a resume. For Alex, this is extremely important. It posits the idea that each individual brings something completely original to the table, so hiring in a diverse way allows for new answers to old questions.

The next generation of marketers brings their A-game. With a wide variety of experiences under their belt, they’re ready to make their mark, using social media and their ever-growing desire to inspire. Side hustles are just one of the many inventive ways these marketers get started, using the resources around them.

The marketers of tomorrow are rising through the next generation – and the future looks bright.

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