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The jobs most in demand by job seekers

After facing an unstable job market for more than a year, employees are ready to get back to work – and some industries are more desperate for positions than others.

The pandemic is officially gone 40 million unemployed due to layoffs, according to the Labor Department’s latest weekly unemployment insurance claims. But between employees having more hope at work, the growing number of job openings opening up, and companies stepping up their recruiting efforts, the tide is starting to turn.

Job search platform Lensa used internal job search data from January to June 2021 to uncover where there was the greatest demand for labor in the United States The site analyzed many factors, including top jobs in demand, industries hiring the most by state, states with the most job seekers, and job opportunities per 100,000 people, according to their research.

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Customer service representatives are most requested in 2021research shows, with other top jobs like receptionist and administrative assistant in the top 10. With many of these roles put on hiatus during the pandemic, the analysis suggests that more companies are returning to the normal.

Here are the 10 most in-demand jobs for employees looking for work:

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