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The Best Gigs to Earn $500 Quickly

In a financial jam? Whether it’s because your car broke down or inflation has left you with more months than you have money, sometimes you need to make some quick cash. With that in mind, the editors at scoured our database of 450 sidehustle rigs to find the ones that could help you earn $500 fast.

Our speed criteria? We looked for jobs that could make $500 in a month – from signing up to getting the money into your bank or PayPal account. And that assumed you only worked a few hours a day to accommodate a day job. This has winnowed our search for high-demand jobs with platforms that pay quickly and offer decent hourly earnings. We’ve also eliminated jobs that require extraordinary skills, like coding, accounting, or law.

Here are five good options.

Walk or watch dogs with Rover

Millions of pets have been adopted in the past two years. Today, two factors are creating a booming business for dog walkers and pet sitters: the holiday season and companies bringing workers back to their offices.

For animal-loving freelancers, this is an enjoyable and well-paying side hustle. Dog walkers generally charge between $15 and $25 for a 30 minute walk. This equates to $30 to $50 per hour. And pet sitters can get upwards of $50 a night for sheltering someone else’s animal or pets in their home. The best place to list both services is Rover. Rover lets freelancers set their own rates and terms, and pays you within two days of completing a job. The site charges a 20% commission on most bookings.


It’s not glamorous, but watching other people’s kids can also be a great way to make a quick buck. Dozens of online platforms, including Bambino, Urban Sitter, and SitterCity, can connect potential customers with customers. Babysitters typically charge between $15 and $25 per hour and are almost always paid within hours of finishing a job. Sitters can also find work by simply posting their availability on free neighborhood websites, such as Nextdoor.

To serve

In many restaurants, the menu in the window is replaced by a “Help Wanted” sign. The shortage of servers, bartenders and chefs has been acute since the country began to reopen after lockdowns. Several online platforms help you find work as a waiter, bartender or cook. The best bet?

Instawork connects hospitality workers with businesses and organizations that need bartenders and servers. Workers earn between minimum wage and $25 an hour and are normally paid once a week by direct deposit. However, those who work a set number of shifts and consistently get good reviews can qualify for Instant Pay. Instant Pay compensates workers within hours of the end of a shift. Instawork is available in over 30 major markets nationwide.

Other good options: Jitjatjo hires part-time bartenders, servers, and caterers to work as W-2 employees in select cities. Qwick provides food and beverage stations for restaurants and special events. The site pays off within days.


If you’re fluent in any subject and think you could be a tutor, there are dozens of sites to help you market your services.

For those who are able to provide music lessons, the top choice is LessonFace. The platform differentiates itself by charging a low site fee – 4% to 15%, depending on who found the student. (Other music platforms charge 20% or more.) And LessonFace pays tutors within three days of completing a lesson.

For academic subjects, there are several good choices:

Wize, formerly Wizedemy, is an online training platform that allows tutors to set their own rates and receive 100% of what they earn. (The site makes money selling college prep materials.) Wize pays tutors on demand, as often as they want.

Varsity Tutors also hires freelancers to teach a wide range of subjects, paying $15 to $40 per hour. Tutors are paid twice a week by direct deposit.

TutorOcean accepts tutors in almost any subject, including academic foundations like reading and math, as well as music and sports. Tutors set their own rates but pay a marketing fee to the platform. Those who choose Stripe as their payment method are paid one week after a session. Those who prefer PayPal are only paid once a month.


With gas prices soaring, few driving and delivery jobs make sense unless you have a hybrid or electric vehicle. However, food delivery jobs may be the exception for people who only deliver in their neighborhood.

DoorDash is the best option, providing pay and pickup and delivery distance details with every job. Dashers are paid weekly. However, the smartest way to do food delivery is to sign up on multiple platforms, including Grubhub and UberEats, and try to pick up and deliver multiple meals in a single trip. A seasoned freelancer says he makes $30-40 an hour this way, mostly delivering meals by bike.

Pro tip: Only deliver during lunch and dinner hours, when demand is highest and you’re more likely to receive multiple orders that can be delivered at once.

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