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The 90 Day Fiancé cast members who hustled the most

Some 90 Day Fiancé stars know how to leverage their reality TV fame effectively. They scramble to establish their different sources of income.

Some stars participate in 90 day fiance to gain glory and later launch their side-hustle. Since the Internet is a place of opportunity, most 90 day fiance the cast members are trying to convert their reality TV fame into money by getting on celebrity platforms like Cameo. 90 day fiance season 9 has just been released, and its cast members are already invaluable on Cameo and already begging fans to book their requests.

Although this seems like a lucrative method, it is certainly biased, as usually only the most controversial members always receive cameo requests from fans. A lot 90 day fiance stars have to set their Cameo prices as low as $20 just to get started on the platform. Lately, some cast members like Varya Malina and Anny Francisco have been using Instagram to boost their income by sharing reels instead of pictures.


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Other stars such as Larissa Lima, Colt Johnson, Deavan Clegg, Anfisa Arkhipchenko, Erika Owens and Elizabeth Castravet have ventured into the adult industry. Although there is a huge list of cast members who want to make the most of their newfound stardom, only a few have been able to establish strong side hustle.

Stephanie Matto

Stephanie Stepanka Matto Farts Jars Instagram in 90 Day Fiance

After appearing on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days, Stephanie Matto has built a successful career with some of the most ingenious ideas. Fans may know the 31-year-old reality star for her fart pot business, which helped her earn over $200,000 online. Although excessive farting hospitalized the former reality star, it didn’t stop her from creating a bigger brand from her viral idea. In January 2022, the 90 day fiance The franchise star revealed that she converted her fart jars into an NFT project and sold them for a fortune. She also introduced a new calling feature in her adult content platform Unfiltrd and claimed she earned $100 for a one-minute phone call. Stéphanie always comes up with inventive new ideas to build her brand, the latest being “completely farted in it, slept in it, rolled in itleaves. Stephanie recently listed them for sale for $2,000 each.

Rosemarie Vega

rose vega 90 Day Fiance cropped photo shoot

While Stephanie’s creative ideas have been in the adult category, Rose Vega’s side hustles are more PG-13. The 26-year-old reality star appeared in a season of Before 90 days, and that was enough for him to build his large fanbase. Over the past two years, the Before 90 days star has created multiple side businesses and passive income methods. Rose currently has over 750,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, where she shares content with her subscribers every week. She was also hired for several modeling gigs. In addition to this, Rose has recently opened her grocery store and an online merchandise store where she sells different products like shirts, bags, mugs, etc.

Loren Brovarnik

Loren Brovarnik-Influencer-90 Day Fiancé

Loren Brovarnik appeared on several seasons of different 90 day fiance spin off. She’s one of the few cast members with over 1.4 million Instagram followers, and it’s all thanks to her charming stay-at-home mom personality. Such a large following helps Loren’s influencer business to gain multiple brand endorsements. In early 2022, Loren and Alexei dove into the NFT business and started selling his picture artwork for 1 Ethereum each, or roughly $2,609. Since Loren quit her full-time job, it’s safe to assume that her side businesses earn her enough money. It will be interesting to see which new team shakes up the 90 day fiance the stars will come with this year.

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Source: Stephanie Matto/Instagram, Rose Vega/YouTube

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