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Spring Job Fair attracts thousands of job seekers

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Looking for the next big opportunity, but in a different line of work. That’s a priority for many job seekers attending the Clark County Spring Career Fair on Friday. 6,100 people present, including 450 hired on site. This comes as the labor market warms up and unemployment tends to fall.

“I’m very personable. I love talking to people. Getting to know people. I feel like I have an incredible talent for bringing people out of their shells.”

Giselle Rosales sells her personality to potential employers. After working in an animal daycare, she is looking for a more stable job.

“Passion doesn’t pay the bills, so I’m ready to develop my skills,” she said.

What could pay the bills? Maybe a job at MGM, where Rosales is awaiting an interview.

“I’m also interested in casinos, so customer service. Front desk too. Maybe barista. Working with people in general,” she said.

Janet Vaughn is also looking for a fresh start, after years of working as a substitute teacher.

“I’m looking for a position in a hotel as a minibar attendant,” she said.

So far, she feels optimistic.

“Employers are open, they’re communicative. They’re friendly and welcoming,” Vaughn said.

The two women are among seven thousand people who registered for the Clark County job fair on Friday. More than a hundred employers are looking to fill more than 13,000 positions, with wages starting at $18 per hour. It also comes as Nevada’s unemployment rate is trending lower, now just over 5%, near the pre-pandemic level of around 4% in February 2020. Commissioner Tick Segerblom says it’s a market mature work in the valley.

“If you’re an employee and looking for work. This is your time,” he said.

Rosales says that while she’s still waiting for the right offer, she’s convinced her people skills shine.

“I feel the way I speak and the way I make people feel which hopefully will stand out,” she said.

It was a buffet of employers looking to hire at the job fair, ranging from the police to the casinos. Barclays saw a flow of people stop.

“So it really shows that people are ready to go back to work and are looking for a company that they can start their careers with,” said DeAndre Esteen, vice chairman of Barclays Bank US.

The company says its hiring has become competitive. As a result, he is increasing his base salary to over $20 an hour and offering incentives like hybrid work to fill about 600 positions.

“The pandemic has really allowed us to see this flexible working model and that it works, and that’s something very attractive for job seekers,” he said.

For Westgate Las Vegas, he also adjusted employee salaries while trying to fill hundreds of positions. It also emphasizes a stable work culture.

“We have so many team members on our property who have been there for a number of years. 60 team members who have been there for 40 years or more,” said Gordon Prouty, vice president of relationships public and community affairs.

The available labor pool is shrinking. Only about 16,000 unemployment claims were filed in early April in Nevada. That’s less than the more than 22,000 claims filed in early March, just before the pandemic shutdowns. Yet Commissioner Tick Segerblom says there is a sense of desperation for some employers, so they are changing some requirements to find qualified staff…

“They bend the rules when it comes to college education. They just look for people who want to work and they’re sharp,” he said.

Job seekers like Vaughn have noticed a change.

“They offer lots of sign-up bonuses and lots of initiatives to get more people on board,” she said.

For companies like Barclays, they expect to continue to adapt to the continued market of job seekers.

“We just want to make sure that we’re taking care of our community and also taking care of our colleagues,” Esteen said.

County officials say based on the turnout they saw on Friday, they could hold another job fair over the summer.

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