You are currently viewing Sister Wives fans in shock after discovering patriarch Kody Brown’s ‘disturbing’ side job

Sister Wives fans in shock after discovering patriarch Kody Brown’s ‘disturbing’ side job

SISTER Wives fans were shocked after learning what patriarch Kody Brown is up to amid his secret turmoil.

Little was known about what the 53-year-old did outside of reality TV, but viewers snapped photos of him at his “disturbing” second job.


Sister Wives Fans Were Surprised When They Discovered Kody Brown’s Secret Side JobCredit: Reddit
The family patriarch was spotted and photographed selling guns and ammunition


The family patriarch was spotted and photographed selling guns and ammunitionCredit: TLC

The first episode of Sister Wives showed the cast of the show discussing what they had been up to before joining.

Kody didn’t elaborate on what he did before landing the gig, however, he hinted that he was in publicity and sales.

Still, it was still unclear what he actually does for a living outside of being a TV personality on the show, until fans spotted him in his alleged side job selling books. fire arms.

On Reddit, a user shared a post found on Facebook that revealed Kody’s concert.

“An unexpected [Kody] observation,” a screenshot of the post began.

He continued, “We live in southwest Missouri…and my husband spent last weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma at their annual gun show.

“It’s a big deal, massive and has over 4,000 tables on 11 acres.”

Along with the event description, the original Facebook user shared four photos of Kody working at one of the booths.

The Brown family patriarch wore a black T-shirt and jeans for the big gathering.

He moved all around his table as he spoke with attendees and seemed to be trying to give them his best sales pitch.

In the snaps, he could be seen smiling and laughing, as well as organizing all his gun gear.

Sister Wives fans were shocked to find out about this selling position from Kody’s and criticized him for taking it.

A Redditer thanked the original poster for sharing the information before calling the side gig “disturbing”.

“He’s in his element pretending to be manly and tough,” another wrote. “I think that’s a real smile, we just don’t see that smile when he’s around his family.”

A third joked about the reality TV dad, who has nearly 20 children: “Happy with his favorite kids: his capital earning guns.”

Others called it “garbage work” and said it was “scary to watch him handle guns”.

Some said it makes them “don’t want to support him in any way” because the gig is “shady”.

One said he was already familiar with Kody’s work and was shocked that most die-hard fans don’t yet.

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The user wrote: “I’m surprised it took so long for the news that Kody was selling guns to come out.

“It really changed my perspective on Kody and the show when I found out somewhere around Season 3.”

Fans called it


Fans called it ‘disturbing’ that he had this as a side hustleCredit: Reddit
They said it prompted them to


They said it made them ‘not want to support him in any way’Credit: TLC

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