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Seven unconventional ways to earn income without working 9 to 5

Freelancing, tutoring, and participating in focus groups can all be ways to earn an income without working full time.

Whether you’re trying to pay off student loan debt or take that trip you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid, saving can be tough, especially if you’re still a student with little income.

Although full-time and part-time work are the most common methods of generating income, modern technology and online resources have provided a variety of other ways to supplement one’s income without having to hold down a traditional job.

Here are seven unconventional ways to earn income without a nine-to-five:

1. Share your knowledge as a private teacher

Do you have a talent for writing, math or science? If you have a strong point in any of the subjects taught in the schools, tutoring can be a great way for you to earn some money as it provides a lot of autonomy that a traditional job cannot provide.

From pre-school to elementary school, high school, college and even university, you can choose to tutor students at all educational levels depending on your academic qualifications and your years of experience.

Tutoring is a great side hustle for students interested in the education industry because it gives them first-hand experience of teaching. PHOTO CREDIT: NICK MORRISON VIA UNSPLASH

If you don’t know where to start, many online course agencies such as ChampionTutor and Guardian City provide a step-by-step guide where you can register as a tutor and charge for your lessons at the desired rate.

Alternatively, you can also list your tuition services on platforms like Carousell where people are more likely to find your service and contact you directly.

If you’re interested in tutoring, don’t just do it for the money; do it because you also want to help a child improve!

2. Sell second-hand clothes and items on Carousell

Doesn’t that red beanie and ripped jeans spark joy anymore?

Selling your old clothes online is another way to make extra money and is by far the easiest way to generate an income without having to do much.

Decluttering your closet and reselling old clothes is always a good idea as it promotes sustainability and gives your clothes a second life. PHOTO CREDIT: ANGELA BAILEY VIA UNSPLASH

With a variety of resale websites like Carousel, Depop and Facebook Marketplace, creating an online store from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Just take a picture of each piece of clothing and list them!

3. Join group chats on Telegram

Happy to share your views on topics like e-commerce or the latest hair products? If so, participating in group chats could be a great way for you to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Group discussions are usually held in person to gather in-depth information from a selected group of people. PHOTO CREDIT: FAUXELS VIA PEXELS

Many companies and organizations hold focus group discussions as part of their market research. Via Telegram channels such as SG Discussion Group and SurveyGoWhere.sgyou can expect to earn between $100 and $300 in incentives if you participate in a one or two hour group chat.

In most cases, companies use screening procedures to ensure that candidates are suitable for focus groups before inviting them to participate.

4. Get smart and start an online business

If you’re an art lover, consider starting an online business and get paid to do the things you love!

Painting, crocheting, illustration, and jewelry making are just a few of the many crafts you can do.

It’s also a great way to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey while learning new skills like copywriting and digital marketing, all of which are skills you’ll eventually need to grow your business in the future.

Most customers buy artwork as gifts for loved ones, making it a great side business. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@ILLUSTRATIONBY.LYD

The most common way to market and start selling your art is through the social media platform Instagram, which has an Instagram Buy feature to let you sell products if you sign up for a business account. .

In addition, Etsy is also a great website to attract international customers as it is a global online marketplace for all creative products.

5. Rent equipment on Carousell

Another popular way to make money without selling your property entirely is to rent it out to others.

Depending on the camera model, renting a professional DSLR camera for a day typically costs between $25 and $150. PHOTO CREDIT: CAROUSELL SCREENSHOT

From photography equipment to vehicles and musical instruments, you can list most of your property online for rent at any price you want.

Best of all, it’s a side hustle that doesn’t take up much of your time or force you to work endless hours.

You can also prepare a contract that is signed between you and the renter to protect your equipment and ensure that it is returned in the same condition.

6. Sell your services on Fiverr or Upwork

Have you always dreamed of living the life of a digital nomad? If so, going freelance is a great way to start your journey into the life of a location-freelance job, as you’ll be doing your work remotely.

With online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, freelancers can list their services and earn income based on their rates. Clients can then browse through the different services offered by the different freelancers, choose the freelancers they want to work with and contact them to work together on a project.

Some common freelance jobs include proofreading, writing, photo editing, video editing, logo design, and website design. PHOTO CREDIT: JHA

If you don’t have a particular skill to rely on, you can always take online course or watch YouTube tutorials to build your skills before diving straight into freelancing. When you get multiple five-star ratings and build a network of clients, you’ll receive more job offers from other potential clients.

Meet new people on RentBabe

Want to have a drink or go for a coffee tour? As incredible as it sounds, you can get paid to go on dates and hang out with new people thanks to RentBabe.

Meeting someone for coffee is a common activity performed on RentBabe. PHOTO CREDIT: NATHAN DUMLAO VIA UNSPLASH

Through the website, users can hire a member to hang out with and do activities, have lunch, or even invite someone to be their plus one for a big party or event. As the website allows users to find companionship, nothing intimate is encouraged.

If you’re looking to make money and enjoy meeting new people, this could kill two birds with one stone.

It is important to note that RentBabe does not control the behavior of its users on the website and is not responsible for any wrongdoing that may occur. Registration is also only available to people aged 18 and over.

Try one of these seven jobs if you’re looking for something with good flexibility, but pays decently. There’s no harm in starting a side hustle to help you achieve financial independence fast.

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