Sector launches new newsletter focused on jobs, careers and workforce, updates existing job board

The sector, the largest and most trusted source of information for the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community, will launch a new newsletter focusing on jobs, careers and the workplace that will provide value-added, relevant and actionable information to potential and current ECEC professionals, with additional information supported by a new and improved job search platform.

“We are very pleased to add this potentially very important new set of services to our current news offering,” The area Founder and CEO Jason Roberts said.

The area has carved out a unique position within the ECEC that lends itself to connecting with audiences inside and outside the ECEC sector as a whole,” he continued.

“After extensive consultation with many industry leaders, we concluded that we could leverage our skills to support wider efforts to raise the profile of ECEC in the eyes of potential jobseekers and provide professionals of all types working in the sector a useful resource to keep them informed of issues that impact their day-to-day roles.”

Overview of jobs in ECEC will be a weekly publication and will feature a range of content including:

– Summaries describing the new rules regarding remuneration and conditions

– Updates on changing labor rules and regulations

– Introductions on the key roles of the ECEC, with real testimonials

– Profiles of different accredited providers across the ECEC system

– Tips and tricks for finding the right job

– Details of new career paths, programs and events

– Organized job opportunities both at service and support desk level

“With so much going on in our industry right now that potentially directly impacts the lives of all of us, now is the time for an independent resource that brings together all of the many threads in one accessible place. , which is exactly what the Overview of jobs in ECEC will do,” Roberts added.

Launch of the “ECEC Jobs Roundup” associated with an update of That of the sector on-site job board

The launch of the new bulletin will coincide with the launch of an updated version of That of the sector dedicated on site ECEC job search and referencing platform.

Known as Sector Jobs, the more traditional user platform first introduced in the The area The late 2020 website has been redesigned to create a modern and intuitive experience for potential candidates and roster providers.

The new platform caters to a wide range of opportunities across the ECEC industry, including service-based roles and help desks, as well as those outside of the provider universe such as advocacy, research, technology and government opportunities.

Sector jobs board marks the first step in a broader strategy to update the service components of our flagship website The Sector – Early education news, jobs and more,” Mr. Roberts continued.

“We think it’s important that our site reflects the levels of professionalism that we hope to embed in team members working with services across the country.”

“By updating our job board, we signal our commitment to facilitating effective job search and filling positions for our community wherever possible and when coupled with our new newsletter, we believe we are in a strong position to provide tangible support in these difficult recruiting times.”

To ensure that the ECEC and the merits of working there are front and center at all times, a dedicated jobs news section has been created to accompany the search and SEO features.

“Our medium-term objective is to establish Sector jobs as a destination where anyone interested in ECEC as a career can access our extensive archive to easily search for sector, providers and roles, then with just a few clicks, apply for positions as well,” added Mr. Roberts.

“Despite the very real challenges our industry is currently facing, we remain hopeful that we can do our part to make a difference in this crucial area.”

Sector jobs is now live website and accessible here. The Overview of ECEC jobs the inaugural edition will appear next Monday, November 14.

To subscribe to the Overview of ECEC jobs click here.

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