School Jobs Scam | TMC salute to BJP: Deed of Dilip Ghosh found at middleman’s home, arrest him now

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Saturday demanded the arrest of BJP Deputy Chairman Dilip Ghosh, alleging the CBI seized a title deed in the BJP MP’s name during a raid on the scam house to school jobs accused Prasanna Roy.

Addressing a press conference with fellow party member Jayprakash Majumdar, TMC General Secretary and Spokesman Kunal Ghosh said: “The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) initially covered up the matter but the agency had to submit documents after the court asked for details of the seizure”.

“Our question is what was Dilip Ghosh’s deed to the residence of Prasanna Roy, an alleged intermediary in the recruitment scam? TMC believes the CBI wanted to keep the list of seizures secret, but had to submit the list to the court after the judge ordered it. We demand the arrest of MP Dilip Ghosh at the earliest,” the TMC leaders said.

The two leaders further alleged, “When it comes to opposition party leaders, CBI is becoming proactive and continues to send them notices, calling them for questioning. Why is the agency so silent when it comes to arresting BJP leaders? What is the time limit for Dilip Ghosh’s arrest? We want him arrested so the case can be investigated further. In fact, Ghosh himself accepted that he knew Roy and wanted his help in some areas. “Dilip Ghosh should be questioned about his involvement in the scam, and how did he acquire said property? In fact, CBI should refer the case to ED, and ED should take on Dilip Ghosh because he is an influential person who can influence witnesses and tamper with evidence.

The TMC demanded that the CBI also be questioned as to why it deleted the seizure list and why it did not inform the court of the deed, at the earliest”. “Was the central agency trying to hide the involvement of BJP leaders in the scam? In fact, we believe that more and more BJP leaders are involved in the scam and that CBI will actively try to hide their names,” they claimed. They also accused the BJP of using central agencies to harass political opponents. “When the BJP does not act politically against its opponents, it uses central agencies to harass them. We always support impartial investigation, but impartiality is a must for investigative agencies.

Dilip Ghosh, however, had not responded to the accusations made by TMC leaders until the filing of this report.

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