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Election workers Karen Luedtke, left, and Bonnie Carignan open mail-in ballots and prepare them for scanning Tuesday at the Felch Township Community Center. This was the third election for Carignan, as Luedtke has served as a poll worker since 2013. As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, the township had seen 195 people come to vote. Election results for Dickinson and Iron counties were not available at press time for today’s newspaper but will be published in Thursday’s Daily News.

The incumbents had mixed results in school board races Tuesday in Dickinson County.

In the Breitung Township School District, where nine candidates were running for four four-year terms, three incumbents held their seats.

In the Norway-Vulcan school district, four candidates were vying for three seats, including two incumbents, both of whom appeared to be heading for victory.

In the county district of North Dickinson, the only incumbent in a three-for-two race was ousted.

The top four voters in the Breitung election were incumbent Angela Hall, 2,359 votes; holder Joanne A. To, 1,742; challenger Curtis VanDusen, 1,742; and incumbent Eric Johnson, 1,681.

Incumbent Keith Hammond finished out of the race, 1,518 votes; and challengers Mark Flood, 1,606; John Marcell, 1356; Rosalie Newlin, 737; and Anthony Grudnoski, 543.

Newcomer Joshua Edwards was the only candidate for a partial two-year term, garnering 3,452 votes.

Challenger Kristen L. Ball, with 1,657 votes, led the Norway-Vulcan race for three seats, joining incumbents Jan Van Gasse, 1,237, and Brady Gustafson, 1,155. Challenger Todd Proctor trailed with 678 votes , with results from Faithhorn Township in Menominee County still pending.

North Dickinson voters elected Joseph Nurmi, 765 votes, and Christopher Roell, 698, to six-year terms on the school board. Incumbent Paul Schuiteman was out of the running with 361 votes.

Krystal Fayas, an incumbent, was the only candidate for a partial one-year term, with 889 votes.

There was no opposition on the ballot for the Iron Mountain Public Schools Board. Lisa Carollo, an incumbent, received 2,023 votes for a six-year term. Shari Picucci-White, also incumbent, received 2,051 votes to seek a partial three-year term.

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