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Saving Money: One Woman’s Essential Savings Rules – ‘Have Helped Me Save Thousands of Dollars’ | Personal finance | Finance

The Mancunian money expert posts financial advice on her Instagram account and her Budget Jones Diary platform. Beth became a chartered accountant in 2021 and paid off £20,000 in personal debt after starting her money journey. She shows Brits how to tackle debt, take control of their money and make money via a side hustle.

She talked about how to make the most of your finances amid the cost of living crisis.

Beth told “My ultimate tip for successful saving is to protect your savings.

“Put them in a different account from your normal checking account and make it very inconvenient to draw down throughout the month.”

It can be tempting to dip into your savings, but it’s a surefire way to deplete your finances.

Budgeting properly to avoid dipping into your savings is one of the most important things about improving your finances, Beth told readers.

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Many banks now offer this feature. This includes Lloyd’s, Monzo, Nationwide, Bank of Scotland and Starling Bank, among others.

Beth’s final savings tip is to reward yourself for reaching other goals.

She said: “And finally, running a savings challenge of some kind, or even gamifying your savings can be really motivating.

“Like hitting your step goal for the day? From money to savings. Incorporating these has really helped me save thousands of dollars.”

Beth detailed a number of other ways she controls her budget.

She said: “Having regular appointments with myself has been key. I’m able to reassess what is a priority for me and what isn’t.

“Aligning my spending habits with my goals has been crucial in spending less and saving more for sure.”

Bath also uses her side business to earn extra money. She said: “I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades! I have my blog (which started my side journey), an Etsy shop selling Excel planners and budgets and I also have my Instagram page.

“I love taking surveys once in a while because I think it’s a really quick way to make money, and selling unused clothes online can make money too.”

Beth also advised Brits on how to create a budget, even if they are starting from scratch.

She said: “Creating your first budget can take time and it will be constantly evolving, but you need to persevere and stay consistent – ​​your hard work will definitely pay off!

“You’ll want to start with your income at the top, so think about your main job, side activities, etc.”

“Next, move on to your expenses – what do your fixed and variable expenses look like?”

“And finally,” Beth says, “think about your goals.”

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