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Saints Row’s Side Hustles Ranked Worst To Best

The secondary jostling of Saints Row are the first optional missions to unlock, and they all have something very different to offer. With each Side Hustle offering a different challenge, the player has a chance to show off all the skills needed to succeed in Saints Row. The rewards for beating these Side Hustles are worth it.

The side jostles in Saints Row become available after the first story mission, with the reasoning that the Boss is looking for odd jobs to earn extra money. There are a total of five Side Hustles in the game: @tcha, Choplifting, Pony Express, Riding Shotgun, and Wingsuit Sabotage, all of which are new additions to the franchise. In addition to money and respect, some instances offer bigger rewards such as new weapon skins. Any player who wants to level up fast in Saints Row will need to familiarize themselves with Side Hustles.


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While some of the Side Hustles can be a lot of fun for the player, some are only worth completing for the rewards and nothing else. Each Side Hustle caters to a different type of gameplay, which makes them very distinct from each other. Although everything plays differently, there is always a hierarchy between what is truly the best and what is the worst.

#5 Choplifting is the toughest and most frustrating side hustle in Saints Row

Choplifting sounds like a very cool kind of mission on paper. The player commands a helicopter and uses a powerful magnet attached to a cable to pick up valuable metal containers and deliver them to the customer. Despite the simple premise, missions will sometimes add a few extra wrinkles. Sometimes the cargo is fragile and cannot take too much damage, and sometimes the player will need to collect multiple containers for delivery. This load is Saints Rowis the equivalent of a wrecking ball, and can leave a lot of destruction in its wake.

Unfortunately, Choplifting is let down by its own mechanics. It takes some practice to master the maneuvering of a helicopter in Saints Row, and the addition of a heavy payload makes it much more unwieldy. Controlling the helicopter while carrying the cargo is much more difficult thanks to the added physics, and it is quite possible to fail as the player cannot make the payload behave and fall into the target area . Despite its promise, Choplifting is too frustrating for its own good.

#4 The Saints Row wingsuit saboteur is interesting but repetitive

Wingsuit Saboteur, despite its name Saints RowThe new wingsuit mechanic is more focused on destruction and combat. In Wingsuit Saboteur, players are tasked with flying towards a building to destroy satellite dishes with satchel charges. The mission is suitably chaotic for Saints Row, especially with the contact repeatedly dodging questions. During instances of the activity following the first, there will be guards roaming the rooftops where the satellite dishes are waiting. Once all the dishes on a roof are destroyed, the player can use their wingsuit to fly to the next one.

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Despite being named after the wingsuit, Wingsuit Saboteur doesn’t do a great job of showcasing it. Most of the player’s time will be spent running across rooftops, fighting guards, and throwing jerky charges. The fights with the guards aren’t engaging, and destroying the satellite dishes feels more like hard work than anything else. While not terrible, Wingsuit Saboteur fails to deliver the high-flying action that the name promises.

#3 @tcha is an evolution of Saints Row Survival Challenges

@tcha is an app created by one of Kev’s friends, and the missions that come with it fit the absurd nature of Saints Row quite well. In @atcha missions, the player will visit a business backed by one of the other gangs in town and leave a negative review. In response, the gang will send a wave of enemies to attack the Boss. By surviving the onslaught and defeating all enemies, the player will earn money and respect. The lower the player’s crit, the harder the fight will be and the greater the rewards.

@tcha missions definitely have their charm. The reviews the player leaves can be quite amusing, ranging from niggling complaints to ridiculous insults. The ability to choose the difficulty also helps new players master combat, while providing more difficult options for more skilled players. As a new incarnation of Row of Santstraditional survival missions, @tcha plays its role well, and can be found in most neighborhoods of Saints Row‘s Saint unscathed.

#2 Pony Express is Saints Row’s most thrilling test drive

Pony Express missions place the player behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle and task them with driving to an objective within a time limit. Unlike most missions, while the destination is marked, no path is shown. The challenge is for the player to complete the objective as best they can within a rather tight timeframe. Adding to the challenge are cops that the player must avoid lest they have to fight them at their destination.

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Pony Express offers a different type of driving experience than most missions. Off-roading hasn’t been a focus in the past Saints Row games, so traversing the rugged desert terrain of Santo Ileso is a real treat. The only real flaw is how the activity slows things down, and the Boss ends up having to fight the cops chasing them at the end. Despite this, Pony express is a great way to show Saints Rowthe new car battle as well as great off-road excitement.

#1 Riding Shotgun is Saints Row’s most exciting side hustle

Riding Shotgun is perhaps the most aptly named activity of all Saints Row. The player is tasked with riding with the mission giver, protecting him from cops or mobsters chasing him. During the mission, the player will mostly ride on the roof of the car, which will allow him to use any of the weapons provided for the mission. At any time, they can return to the passenger seat to heal themselves, but they will only have to use handguns inside the car. No matter how much the player has customized their Saints Row character, they will only be able to use the weapons provided for the mission.

Riding Shotgun is easily the most exciting of Saints Row‘s Side Hustles. Enemies will come constantly during the mission, so the player will have to balance wielding their strongest weapons from the rooftop while hiding and dealing damage with their handguns. The Mounted Shotgun keeps the action going until the end of the activity, making it the most entertaining Side Hustle of the bunch.

The side jostles in Saints Row are overall a worthy successor to the original series Activities. A combination of good gameplay with worthwhile rewards for completing them is a good reason for players to seek them all out. However, even among a good crop, Riding Shotgun easily stands out as the best Side Hustle in Saints Row.

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