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Saints Row Side Hustle Locations Guide

Saints Row is filled with mini-games and side-activities to keep you engaged if you want to take a break from the overwhelming pressure of climbing with the saints. One of them is the Side Hustles, small activities that you can easily complete in less than five minutes to get the All Mine trophy. So here we have a guide for the location of all the Side Hustle activities in Saints Row if you’re having trouble finding them all on your own.

Saints Row Side Hustle Locations

There are five different types of Side Hustle missions that you can find and complete. The total number of Side Hustle activities in Saints Row Reboot that players need to complete the game at 100% is 41.

The Side Hustle activities are as follows:

@Tcha Side Hustles

The Side Hustle requires you to give a business a low rating and the owners of the business will show up to beat you. You must defeat them to complete the mission. Depending on the number of stars you give the company, the number of enemies and the rewards will increase.

The lowest rating is 4 star rating, with minimum enemies and the lowest reward, and the highest rating is 1 star, which will spawn more enemies and gain much higher reward . However, to complete the Hustle, you can just give a 4-star rating and be done with it.

@Tcha #1
The first is part of the story. You need to talk to the woman on her quest marker to unlock all the other Side Hustles as well.

@Tcha #2
Unlocked by talking to the same woman at the first @Tcha marker in Mercado. Give any rating and defeat all enemies.

@Tcha #3
After talking to Mercado’s first wife, it will be unlocked. Give any star rating and defeat all enemies.

@Tcha #4
Found in West Providencia, unlocked after talking to Mercado’s first wife.

@Tcha #5
Found in Old Town West. Again, unlocked by talking to Mercado’s wife.

@Tcha #6
This one is unlocked in Marina East after talking to Mercado’s wife.

@Tcha #
The seventh @Tcha is in Marina West.

@Tcha #8
This one is in the Rojas desert.

@Tcha #9
The ninth @Tcha is in East Flats.

@Tcha #1
This one is in El Dorado.

@Tcha #1
You can find this side hustle in Badlands South.

@Tcha #1
The final @Tcha Side Hustle is in the Rojas Desert.

Pony Express Missions

These side missions require you to fulfill the role of off-road courier. You must traverse dangerous terrain to get to your destination, and all within a set time limit. You can play with the police to get extra bonus experience in these missions.

Pony Express #1
Found in West Smelterville.

Pony Express #2
This is in the Rojas Desert, the first of the two.

Pony Express #3
This one is also found in the Rojas desert.

Pony Express #4
This Side Hustle is in Monte Vista.

Pony Express #5
This one is automatically unlocked and can be found in West Flats.

Pony Express #6
6e Pony Express can be found in East Flats, unlocked after completing the Pony Express in North Badlands.

Pony Express #7
This Side Hustle can be found in Badlands South.

Pony Express #8
Automatically unlocks in the story and requires you to complete the race. Found in South Badlands.

Pony Express #9
Found in the Northern Badlands.

Pony Express #10
After completing the Badlands South Pony Express, it is unlocked in Badlands North.

Pony Express #11
The last of the Pony Express missions, you can unlock it automatically in the story.

Choplifting missions

These Side Hustle missions will put your skills to the test. You must use the airlift to steal items and then return the item within the time limit without damaging it.

To make things more difficult, the weight of the object you are flying makes it very difficult to maneuver the helicopter if the weight is high. If the object is light, it’s a walk in the park.

Choplifting #1
Automatically unlocked in the story. This is the first unlocked Choplift5 mission. In the old town is.

Choplifting #2
Available in Smelterville West.

Choplifting #3
Found in West Flats after completing the first Choplift Side Hustle.

Choplifting #4
This one is in El Dorado. It is unlocked after completing the Choplift at West Flats.

Choplifting #5
Found in Badlands North after completing the Choplift at West Flats

Choplifting #6
The final Choplift, found in Rojas Desert North after completing the West Flats Choplift.

Hunting rifle

This is the most fun of the Side Hustle missions, at least for us. You’re accompanying a driver for a dangerous meeting where things are bound to go wrong, and it’s your job to make sure the driver stays safe through all the commotion.

Riding Rifle #1
Found in Smelterville West, it is unlocked after completing the first Riding Shotgun Side Hustle in Providencia.

Riding Rifle #2
The first Riding Shotgun mission is unlocked automatically in the story and can be found in East Providencia.

Riding Rifle #3
This Side Hustle mission can be found in Monte Vista, after completing the Riding Shotgun in El Dorado.

Riding Rifle #4
This Mounted Shotgun is unlocked in Marina East after completing the mission in Lakeshore South.

Riding Rifle #5
This Mounted Shotgun, in Lakeshore South, is automatically unlocked in main story missions.

#6 Riding Rifle
This Riding Shotgun mission in El Dorado is automatically unlocked in the main story mission.

Wingsuit Saboteur

These Side Hustles missions require you to use your wingsuit and fly to different rooftops and plant bombs on the antennae there.

Once all the bombs are placed, you can detonate them. You need to eliminate any resistance you face and make sure you do everything within the time limit.

Wingsuit Saboteur #1
The first mission is unlocked along the main story, in Smelterville East.

Wingsuit Saboteur #2
Unlocked after completing the first Saboteur Wingsuit. It can be found in Old Town East.

Wingsuit Saboteur #3
Available at Marina West after your first Saboteur attempt.

Wingsuit Saboteur #4
Found in Lakeshore North.

Wingsuit Saboteur #5
Found in East Flats after completing the Saboteur in Smelterville.

Wingsuit Saboteur #6
The last Wingsuit Saboteur can be found in El Dorado.

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