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Rugby High School set for ’22-’23 | News, Sports, Jobs

Sue Sitter/PCT Rugby High School’s new staff pose for a photo. From left back are Zach Miller, paraprofessional; Johnny Skipper, art teacher; and Isaac Ripplinger, professor of agricultural education. Front row from left are Hannah Weidler-Schell, special education teacher; and Hannah Lemer, English and Language Arts teacher.

Rugby schools prepared for the first week of school the week of August 22 with training sessions for new and returning teachers and student registrations.

At Rugby High School, principal Jared Blikre said he expected a few last-minute registrations during the first few days of school.

“We still have new kids coming in on the first day, usually,” says Blikre.

Blikre added that he expects high school enrollment numbers to remain at 2021 levels.

“Right now we’re sitting at 293, which is pretty much where we were last year,” says Blikre. “Our largest class is our eighth grade class, which has 67 students,” he noted.

“Our smallest class is our junior class, which has 40. So we’re going exactly where we thought we’d be. We’re winning a few, losing a few and hoping to win a few more at the during the first week of school, he added, noting, “We have 47 seniors this year. Last year we were on the rise, and this year we’ve stayed there.

Blikre said the school’s senior class of 2020 was smaller than usual. After graduating, the number rebounded to around 300 in 2021, where they have remained stable so far in 2022.

Rugby High welcomed teachers back to school with training sessions for the new year.

Four new teachers and one new paraprofessional have joined the high school staff for the 2022-23 school year.

Johnny Skipper – art

Art teacher Johnny Skipper, who worked as a paraprofessional at Rugby High last year, will teach this year in his new role.

Skipper, who studied at the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, Canada, said he looked forward to teaching art.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my particular approach to art, how I learned it, and I really hope I can make it fun and enjoyable for everyone while imparting knowledge,” he said. he declares.

“I want students to not only have fun in this; I want them to come away with not only artistic skills, but also general critical thinking skills and the ability to approach problems from different angles,” Skipper added.

Zach Miller – study skills paraprofessional

Zach Miller, a 2015 Rugby High graduate, will work as a study skills para-educator this year.

“I went to Jamestown University. I have a degree in graphic design. I didn’t really find anything in that area, so I kind of bounced back and did odd jobs, and decided I wanted to give it a try. he said.

“I have a family of teachers” he added. “There are a lot of teachers in my family, so it’s a crash course to see if that’s what I want to do.”

Miller said he and “a few generations of my family” grew up in rugby.

Hannah Weidler-Schell – special education

Hannah Weidler-Schell, a 2016 Velva High School graduate, joins the staff as a special education teacher.

Weidler-Schell received her degree in special education from Minot State University.

“I am currently preparing my master’s degree” she says.

“I’m super excited” she says about the new school year. “There was always a rivalry between Rugby and Velva when I was in high school, so it’s pretty fun to be here.

“I tell everyone I’m going to Rugby from Velva, and they really don’t know what to say,” she added, laughing.

“My cousin used to teach here, Tommy Weidler, so I heard good things about the school,” she added. “And Mr. McNeff was my principal when I was in high school at Velva.”

Weidler-Schell, who was on the Velva Aggies track team and played volleyball and basketball as an Aggie, said she didn’t know which fan section she was in. would sit at volleyball and basketball games when the Aggies came to town.

“Probably Velva, for the first two years,” she said laughing.

Hannah Lemer – English/Language Arts

Hannah Lemer, a former administrative assistant at Heart of America Medical Center, said she was looking forward to a new career.

“I will teach the arts of the English language,” she says. “I graduated from Drake-Anamoose High School in 2017 and then went to Mayville State University where I completed a non-teaching degree in English and Business Administration.”

She added, “I really love writing and reading in English, and I want to help kids discover that book that makes them want to keep reading, or write an article that makes them want to try something new.”

Isaac Ripplnger – agricultural education

Isaac Ripplinger, an agriculture teacher, graduated from Beulah High School. He attended Minnesota State University, Moorhead, where he played football and completed his studies in history, with a view to teaching.

“I was very involved in the education of the elderly as a high school student.” he said. “I was studying to be a history teacher, then this job offer came up, and it was an exciting opportunity, so I took it.

“Helping children succeed is a great opportunity” Ripplinger, who was an FFA member at Beulah High, said.

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