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We usually think of “side activities” as extra work: a new skill to learn, another webpage to set up, and more emails to send. But in a world of ever-increasing unusual hustles, there are plenty of options that require minimal effort and start-up costs. An example is Much like Airbnb,, which was launched in 2017 by co-founders Joseph Woodbury, Preston Alder, and Colton Gardner, is a platform that lets people rent space in their home, yard, or garage. allows users to rent a neighbor’s extra unused space for less than the average, crowded, and often remote chain storage unit. The idea came to Alder when he needed to temporarily store his items while he was leaving the country on a mission trip, but could not find a location that met his needs at a reasonable price.

We spoke with Woodbury to find out more. “There’s this country all over the country [storage] occupancy problem,” Woodbury told Sidekick. “Right now the average occupancy is 96% so all the facilities are pretty much full and you’ll have to drive about half an hour to the next town to find one with any kind vacancy.”

In other words, if you have extra room in a closet, basement, garage, or even a driveway, you could be making money while you sleep. According to Woodbury, creating a page is simple: create an account, enter the size of the space you want to rent, as well as the amenities it has (smoke detectors, secure locks or air conditioning). will give you an estimate of how much you can expect to earn based on a national algorithm.

“He will provide you with a recommended price that will [your space] 90% more likely to be rented out and maximize your income,” Woodbury told us.

To protect both renters and hosts from liability, hosts are required to undergo a comprehensive government identity verification process. And you can rent anything– from a motorhome to a parking space in your driveway, or even an extra room in your small business. Once you’ve created an account, take photos of your space and let the money roll in.

“You don’t have to be a good driver or have an Airbnb designer. You literally just need to have excess space,” Woodbury concluded.

So if you’ve recently done some spring cleaning and are now wondering what to fill that empty closet with, consider your neighbor’s Funko Pop! collection.—SS

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