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Refresh yourself with these online writing courses

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Copywriting is the art of designing and writing persuasive copy to achieve marketing and sales strategies and goals that lead to conversion. It’s a strategy adopted by everyone, whether it’s a simple startup or a Fortune 500 company. From emails to websites and advertisements, copywriting is a great tool to attract and turn web browsers into consumers of your product or service. Therefore, it is more than suggested to be proficient in copywriting to increase your website exposure and increase sales. There are several offers with online courses for writing.

Popular Online Writing Courses

Here is a list of the most popular online writing courses:

Writing: Master COPYWRITING A—Z, Content Writing

Focused on business writing and updated for 2022 Writing: Master COPYWRITING A—Z Content Writing explains what exactly copywriting is and the need to learn it. Copywriting is used to build brand awareness, encourage consumers to purchase a product or service, and create promotional content. The course aims to teach the mandatory skills for digital marketing and SEO. It teaches the best ways to learn copywriting by showing content writing, social media writing, and sales writing.

Freelance writing: Write Dirty. Go big. Start now!

With basic English writing skills Freelance Writing: Write Dirty. Go big. Start now! is a beginner-level course that shows the fastest way to start making money with freelance writing. It also covers the basics of copywriting and the four different types of copywriting that work best. In two and a half hours, you’ll learn the craft to make you good enough to get paid for your writing.

The Complete Copywriting Course: Writing to Sell Like a Pro

The Complete Copywriting: Write to Sell Like a Pro course is designed for business owners and freelancers to help you understand the psychology of what drives people to buy. By starting with the fundamentals of copywriting, you’ll learn how to increase conversion rates. The course also covers the most proven and transferable techniques of top copywriters. Plus, it gives you helpful patterns you can replace, sales psychology tactics, and the confidence to avoid “white pages anxiety.”

Best of Google SEO 2022_ SEO and copywriting made easy and fun

Copywriting Made Simple & Fun is designed by Google to enable anyone with no prior training to be a copywriter. It shows you the ways that make a great copywriter. Lessons include starters, professional copywriting templates, and guides to increasing conversion rates. It’s also full of quizzes and assignments to track your progress in the course. Additionally, the course is combined with SEO 2022 to help you increase traffic, increase exposure and quality backlinks, create content, and then turn browsers into buyers.

Alan Sharpe’s 25-Hour Masterclass and Writing Coaching 2022

Alan Sharpe’s 25-Hour Writing Masterclass is a highly detailed 25-hour self-paced training that covers everything from basics to writing fluency. It teaches you the 3 types of copying; copy that sells a product or service, copy that generates leads, and copy that cultivates leads in depth. The masterclass also presents the ingredients of a successful copy, namely the opening lines, titles, transition sentences, subtitles and the body of the text compiled with examples, step-by-step guides, quizzes and all the tips and tricks from a seasoned professional.

Copywriting: Become a Freelance Copywriter, your own boss

Copywriting: Become a Freelance Writer is a short, practical course that teaches you all the steps needed to become a copywriter quickly, starting with the basics of writing. It has a step-by-step guide that can help you earn money, build a portfolio, find clients, market and price yourself, build a copywriter website in days, and more. Again.

Writing tools and hacks: writing, blogging, content writing

Writing tools and hacks: writing, blogging, content writing, simply offers and shows the most effective writing tools. It reveals all the secrets of persuasive marketing copy and explains how to create a “virus-ready headline”. You will also learn how to analyze title options, collect and organize content ideas, and hacks for better writing.

From Browsers to Buyers: 21 Powerful Website Copywriting Hacks

From Browsers to Buyers: 21 Powerful Website Copywriting Hacks is more of a checklist of proven methods of successful copywriting tactics. The course gives you 21+ copywriting hacks that will increase your conversion rate. He will also share the secret “numbers trick”, how to structure your website, 3 different ways to keep your reader busy, and also how to avoid common pitfalls of creating unattractive headlines.

Writing: B2B Writing, Content Writing, Content Writing

This B2B (Business to Business) Copywriting: B2B Writing, Content Writing, Content Writing course is designed for businesses of all sizes so you can learn how to grow your customer base. It focuses on turning prospects into functional customers. Lessons guide you through B2B content strategy, B2B marketing, B2B content marketing, email writing, writing effective ads on LinkedIn and other copywriting channels, and crafting a B2B content writing and marketing plan. The course also includes practical examples and case studies.

Writing: become a freelance writer in 7 days

Writing: Become a Freelance Writer in 7 Days teaches what writing is and how to earn extra income by writing. The lesson covers a special “10 Step Writing System”, a unique training program for you to write lucrative sales letters, ad copy, banners and sales pages. Plus, you’ll learn how to structure the components of a sales page, find your first paying customer, generate four figures a month as part-time income, or turn it into a 9 to 5.

Business owners, managers, and freelancers all play an important role when it comes to creating content for a business. Thus, writing has become one of the most in-demand skills in today’s digital ecosystem, and writing jobs can earn well over $100,000 a year. All of the courses mentioned award a certificate of completion, lifetime access to learning materials and videos on both TV and mobile, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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