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Preschool Teacher’s Disturbing Social Media Keeps Him From Working

A preschool teacher from Portland, Oregon, who received thousands of dollars in donations after claiming to have contracted monkey pox, has been deemed a ‘serious danger to the health and safety of children’ following the revelation of a troubling social media story. investigated by Newsweek.

Preschool worker Marco Antonio Reyes Rojas received thousands of dollars from a GoFundMe campaign after revealing he was infected with monkeypox. Then his social media posts were revealed.

Marco Antonio Reyes Rojas was first featured on local television late last month where he spoke about the challenges of contracting monkeypox and the need to self-isolate. The 30-year-old Mexican-American, who is openly gay, shared photos of the pustules and rashes he developed. He had previously been featured in the local press for his political advocacy on behalf of illegal aliens living in the United States. On social media, he blamed the United States for his suffering with monkeypox.

“This country really sucks,” he wrote on Facebook. “Leaving its people to fend for themselves and asking the community to help. It has been very difficult living with monkeypox.”

His story and the accompanying GoFundMe campaign, where he identified himself as a struggling preschool teacher, resonated with many Americans, who donated thousands of dollars. His story was further amplified by Spanish-language media. “A Hispanic teacher in Oregon is infected with monkey pox and is making an urgent appeal to the community,” reads the people in spanish magazine title. He was also interviewed by Univision Miami and he personally thanked a GoFundMe employee for helping connect him to the press.

The media blitz worked. Within days, more than $7,000 was quickly raised for the preschool teacher who works at the Fruit and Flower Child Care Center in Portland. But after Newsweek sought comment from the state Department of Education on Reyes Rojas’ social media posts, the state of Oregon issued an emergency suspension order immediately barring him from caring for children .

“OCC [Office of Child Care] has determined that the Individual is not suitable for registration on the Registry and that the Individual poses a substantial threat and serious danger to the health and safety of children and has suspended the Individual’s registration with the CBR [Central Background Registry] effective August 19, 2022,” the order reads.

The emergency suspension order alleges that Reyes Rojas “posted sexually explicit and very concerning messages about his physical and emotional state while working with children in daycare on his personal social media account.”

On June 4, 2021, he tweeted about masturbation at work on his account, “@Sensual_Bottom”. “It was so good,” he wrote. “I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet.” The tweet marked the start of her regular post about being sexually aroused or under the influence at work. The bio-line to her story read, “30 year old Mexican oral power bottom living in Portland, OR. Preschool teacher by day and sensual bottom by night. 18+.”

On November 17, 2021, he posted two nude photos of himself. On December 15, 2021, he tweeted, “Hungover, horny, and at work.” The posts continued into 2022. On January 13, he tweeted, “I’m so excited at work.” On April 4, he wrote: “I swear I’m still high rn [right now] at work. And excited.”

On June 30, he announced that he was getting into sex work by creating accounts on Only Fans and Just for Fans. “This body needs to be exposed,” he tweeted. On July 18, he tweeted that he fantasized about oral sex “last night at work.” Reyes Rojas’ account contains more than 500 images or videos of pornographic content showing him having sex with other men, masturbating or displaying his genitals. Most images hide or partially obscure his face, but many feature him in a parlor house arranged with album covers of pop singers. This same piece and musical work can be seen in his interviews with public media and the photos published on his fundraiser.

A senior legal and compliance specialist with the Oregon Department of Education asked Newsweek’s reporter to obtain evidence of Reyes Rojas’ posts after the agency was contacted for comment, which was provided. The Emergency Suspension Order
was issued by the state 48 hours later following its own investigation.

Reyes Rojas declined to comment in a text message and also said he did not have a lawyer who could comment. “I’m not interested in speaking with you or any other outlets at this time,” he said.

A spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Education said Newsweek the case was referred to the Oregon Department of Social Services Child Abuse Hotline. “All reports made to the Child Abuse Hotline are also reported to law enforcement,” said Melanie Mesaros.

When Newsweek called the Fruit and Flower Child Care Center, a woman who identified herself as the center’s director declined to give her name or comment on Reyes Rojas. In September last year, Reyes Rojas posted several photos from a classroom on his Instagram. “It’s weird to say that I have my own classroom,” he wrote. “It’s going to be a crazy school year!” Photos on Facebook show he was working there as early as 2018, although it’s unclear whether employment has been continuous.

The state’s suspension order against Reyes Rojas says he “engaged in inappropriate behavior while working at the Fruit and Flower Child Care Center.” The center is a registered nonprofit with nearly $2.3 million in revenue, according to its 2020 tax return. The preschool has mixed reviews on Google, with some complaining of fees $100 non-refundable just to be put on a waiting list. Almost all of the five-star reviews came from people currently listed as members of the preschool board.

On July 29, while in the midst of his monkeypox infection, Reyes Rojas appeared to suggest that the daycare hid his illness from parents. “Title: Daycare hides positive confirmation of monkeypox from parents. Affected teacher talking about it,” he tweeted on his public account where his fundraiser is promoted.

Multiple other inquiries sent to Fruit and Flower about their management of the infection went unanswered.

On Aug. 17, the Oregon Health Authority announced the state’s first pediatric case of monkeypox, but said the child was not infected at a school or daycare.
It is unclear for how many days, if any, Reyes Rojas may have been surrounded by children at work while infected with monkeypox. On July 20, he tweeted that he had been tested for the virus: “I had my first prostate exam by this pretty old lady and she tested me for monkeypox even though we all think two that I don’t have.” The statement appears to contradict an update he posted on GoFundMe. “I’m glad I noticed the signs and the quarantine [sic] just before we spread monkeypox.”

On the same day Reyes Rojas was suspended from the state registry for child care, he posted an update on his fundraiser saying the preschool principal had agreed to let him return to school. work within two weeks after his remaining lesions have healed. The immediate suspension bars him from caring for children who are not related to him for five years. He has the right to request a hearing within 90 days.

Reyes Royas’ last Twitter post to the “@Sensual_Bottom” account before locking him from public view was on August 11 and featured a close-up video of him having sex with a man.

GoFundMe did not respond to a request for comment.

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Marco Reyes Rojas spoke to Univision about his monkeypox infection.
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