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Pregnant mum working full time turned secondary hustle into £4.5million

Keely Parsons has done what almost every small business owner dreams of, having built her own multi-million pound empire from scratch. After launching her business from her dining room table just a few years ago, Keely is now the proud owner and creative director of Sassy Shop Wax, a fragrance brand that creates melt waxes, soaps and waxes. similar products.

The brand is also passionate about health and wellness. Keely has been open about her personal struggles with her mental health and wants Sassy to champion the importance of mental wellness and self-care.

In just a few years, Sassy Shop Wax has grown into a multi-million pound business with over 80,000 followers on Instagram alone. And while Keely now goes from success to success, things weren’t always like this.

As a teenager, Keely struggled. She felt out of place at school and put a lot of pressure on herself to do well in school. While studying at university for her A-levels, her mental health rapidly deteriorated. She said: “My good grades have always been a sign of my own worth to me. I remember worrying so much about my exams that I told my friends that I couldn’t see them, I would miss them. social gatherings and parties to get my grades I would obsess over past exam papers and write essay answers and then spend hours and hours trying to memorize them.

“After I finished my exams, I reached a point of total exhaustion. All I could do was stay in bed. I went to my doctor and told him I just didn’t know what was wrong. was wrong. I felt so sad.”

After seeking help and support for his mental health, Keely got a full-time job in recruiting. While enjoying her role, she couldn’t help but feel trapped in the 9-5 routine. It was this notion of “feeling stuck” that put her on the path to Sassy.

Keely has always loved anything scented for her home, but found she could never find the perfect scents for wax melts. It immediately became clear to Keely that she was going to make her own. She said: “Honestly, I knew from that moment that my own business was going to be a success. On the night of this “spark”, my mind was overflowing with ideas – I had goosebumps all over and I had an extremely strong intuitive sense of knowing. I was brought to bed with spiraling thoughts about the potential of Sassy Shop Wax based on today’s wax market and innovation.

“I couldn’t sleep with excitement. I felt so aligned and since I’ve sought out this type of intuition, I know others have these thought experiences too – that moment immediately changed my state of mind. mind.”

Keely began melting her wax from her kitchen table, and although the first few months were difficult with very slow sales, the brand began to grow rapidly. Within months, the demand for her products was too much for her, and Sassy Shop Wax’s social media pages were growing rapidly. She said: “I had 100% tunnel vision and was full of fire and passion. However, when I tell people that I worked 12 hour days, commuted 2 hours for my recruiting job, and then waxed for 2-3 hours in the evening, everything being pregnant, people are generally in disbelief that I even bothered.

Keely decided to take the plunge and quit her job as a recruiter to hire Sassy full time. The brand continued to hit new heights, with launches selling out within minutes of going live on their site. By 2021, Sassy Shop Wax had moved from Keely’s kitchen to a 5,000 square foot space in Bristol, and the brand employed over 20 staff members.

Sassy has been sourced from Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, and has tens of thousands of loyal fans, including celebrities. In 2022, Sassy Shop Wax exceeded a total turnover of £4.5m and the brand continues to grow. And despite growing the business from the ground up, Keely is still overwhelmed with gratitude. She said: “I never imagined my life would be like this but by believing in myself I created my dream life from the bottom up. I don’t let anyone tell me something is impossible now because that I have challenged and won my greatest battle of all, my mind.

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