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Phipps Neighborhoods Seeking Applicants for Youth Summer Jobs – Deadline April 22


MAYOR ERIC ADAMS announces that New York City will support a record 100,000 summer job opportunities per year this summer for youth ages 14-24, including 90,000 opportunities from the Jobs Program for young people (SYEP) and 10,000 opportunities from other cities. programs. Town hall. Tuesday February 15, 2022.
Credit: Ed Reed/Mayor’s Photographic Office.

Phipps Neighborhoods, a New York City nonprofit social service provider, announced Monday, April 11 that it is seeking applications for the Department of Health’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). Youth and Community Development Center, which will connect young people in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan with career exploration opportunities and paid work experiences. This year, Phipps Neighborhoods aims to serve 1,000 students with employment opportunities, an increase from its previous record of serving nearly 575 students last year.

Andre White, President and CEO of Phipps Neighborhoods, said: “This year’s Summer Jobs for Youth program will employ 100,000 young people across the five boroughs, giving them the opportunity to learn valuable skills. while learning the value of earning pay for their work.” He added, “Our young people need to play a part in the city’s continued recovery from COVID, and helping them find good summer jobs can do just that. I encourage all young people who want to have a productive summer to participate in the Youth Summer Jobs Program and join us at Phipps Neighborhoods, where we can match you with the right company.

The city’s SYEP program, which is the largest in the country, lasts six weeks in July and August. The program will provide young people with opportunities based on on-site and virtual projects (where applicable) and paid opportunities to help young people develop their professional, social, civic and leadership skills. The project-based learning cohort will begin July 5 and will provide 14- and 15-year-olds with career exploration opportunities and a $700 stipend. The Work Experience Cohort will start July 5 (Cohort A) or July 11 (Cohort B), offering $15-per-hour job opportunities for youth ages 16-21.

Positions for attendees may include customer service representatives, marketing managers, after-school and camp counselors, administrative coordinators, healthcare representatives, and more. This year’s host businesses and agencies include Phipps Neighborhoods, NYPD, NYC Parks, NYC Ambulance Services, Columbia University, East Side Housing, Bronx Zoo and more.

Interested persons can apply at or complete an application in person at Phipps Houses Services, 1030 East 178and Street, Bronx NY 10460. Applicants interested in working through Phipps Neighborhoods should ensure to select “Phipps Neighborhoods” as the preferred work site in the application. The current deadline to apply for the Summer Jobs for Youth Program is Friday, April 22, 2022.

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