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Pensioner side hustle pays £250 a day ‘Amazing fun!’ | Personal finance | Finance

The 64-year-old earns up to £250 a day as a film and TV supplement and says ‘absolutely anyone can do it’. She is currently starring in a new movie directed by a well-known Hollywood director.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to meet a Hollywood legend, but working as an extra in film and television certainly comes with a few perks.

Not only does this side hustle pay up to £250 a day, people don’t need acting experience to apply.

Carolynne Selway has been doing it for seven years and says she’s had about 20 gigs so far.

The retired trauma nurse says it’s a breath of fresh air after being in charge of a busy A&E department.

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Although Carolynne enjoyed amateur theater when she was younger, acting experience is not a requirement.

She explained: “When I retired, I was home for about two weeks and got bored pretty quickly.

“Then I thought, ‘I’ve always dreamed of being extra,’ so I googled and signed up with a few agencies.

“It went from there – it snowballed – I even dragged the old man along with a few.”

Carolynne thinks carefully about the jobs she will accept and always thinks about the extent of the travel.

One downside is that the days are very long – they often start at 5am and end at 6 or 7pm.

Recently, however, she jumped at the chance to star in a new movie directed by a famous Hollywood actor.

She can’t reveal who it is yet because she signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

However, she said it has been one of the highlights of her career as a supporting artist so far.

Carolynne has some great tips and tricks for anyone looking to follow in her footsteps.

How to become a film and television extra:

1. “Sign up with all agencies – Uni-Versal Extras and Casting Collective are just a couple.

2. “Don’t take yourself too seriously – I recently spent two months disguised as an elf.

3. “Prepare for long days – grab candy, energy bars, a drink, reserve a phone charger and warm clothes.

4. “People may have to travel – but wherever they are in the UK they will find work.

5. “Expect fun – the extras are very gregarious.”

Carolynne wouldn’t hesitate to start all over again.

For her, the salary is simply an added bonus.

It’s clear that the real reason she’s doing it is because she’s having so much fun.

She encouraged others to “go for it”, adding, “You only live once!”

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