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Opinion: Employers can change policies for employees at will; If you don’t like it, try a Side Hustle | Daniella Cresman

The pandemic has led to a huge increase in remote working out of necessity. Now, as things are starting to change and businesses are readjusting, many are requiring their employees to work in the office at least three days a week.

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For at-will employees who strongly prefer working entirely remotely, this could be a major problem, especially if they have been informed that they will have the option of working from home full-time.

Unfortunately, if you are employed by another person or company, they have the ability to do the following:

  • Fire you (sometimes for whatever reason)
  • fire you
  • Make you come to the office
  • Force you to work from home

Additionally, many have found their employers to be dishonest about the positions they hire people for, which has led to many people quitting after less than 90 days: daily duties, feeling taken for granted or disrespected, or even being disappointed the amount of work you have to do in exchange for a fairly low salary.


As great as self-employment may sound, a job is still a job, even if it’s your dream job: after all, there’s a certain amount of monotony to doing the same tasks over and over again. On top of that, it usually takes 3-5 years for a business to reach profitability, which can mean long hours spent nibbling by your side – sacrificing sleep – without seeing much money at all.

That being said, those years are arguably worth it, as freelancing comes with a lot of freedom and can be very rewarding for those with the drive, creativity, and passion to keep working.

Some (long-term) benefits include the following:

  • If you make enough money, you can rent office space or work from home.
  • You can live pretty much anywhere you want, although this may vary if you work with clients through a specific company
  • You can often set your own schedule
  • You have the freedom to create multiple streams of income so you’re not solely dependent on one platform or client.

If you don’t like your 9am to 5pm job and all the restrictions that come with it, I highly recommend creating a side hustle after hours: maybe it’s time to start a YouTube channel or post some articles on your favorite writing platforms. .

It never hurts to try, and you could reap immense rewards in the long run!

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