Newmont Africa launches Women’s Economic Resilience Program in Birim North

Newmont Akyem Mines, in partnership with PYXERA Global, a non-governmental organization (NGO), has launched a Women’s Economic Resilience Program (WERP) in Birim North District of the Eastern Region.

The gesture was part of Newmont Africa’s COVID-19 Pandemic Support Program which aims to target local women’s businesses and improve their economic resilience and build their business skills.

With the introduction of the program, 25 women from the district were selected to be enrolled in tailoring and enable them to improve in their businesses.

Beneficiaries were to complete a six-month training course in business management skills, inventory management, entrepreneurship and product innovation, bookkeeping and standard sewing techniques.

Speaking on the theme “Empowering Women-Owned Tailoring Enterprises, Madame Barbara Gbologah-Quaye, the Country Director said the program aims to create sustainable jobs and improve the living conditions of beneficiaries in the areas. catchment of the Akyem mine in Newmont.

She said WERP started with 30 women in Newmont Africa Ahafo North communities and has been expanded to other host communities in Newmont namely Ahafo South and Akyem.

She said WERP sought to provide a unique livelihood restoration opportunity and was designed to equip women with industrial garment manufacturing skills and sustainable income generation options.

Ms. Gbologah-Quaye said plans are underway to create over 300 direct jobs for women and young seamstresses in communities in the Newmont watershed to open employment opportunities for young people.

She therefore advised the beneficiaries to get involved and devote themselves to training to improve their standard of living.

Mr. Derick Boateng, Senior Manager, Sustainability and External Relations, Newmont-Akyem Mines, said the program is part of Newmont’s socio-economic empowerment by investing in women and youth in their host communities.

He said to promote the equitable and economic empowerment of women and youth in their catchment areas, Newmont would provide the necessary tools to enable them to undertake any craft work.

He hoped the program would enhance the financial well-being of beneficiaries and provide them with the necessary business and technical knowledge.

This, Mr. Boateng said, would make them competitive in the apparel value chain.

He therefore encouraged grantees to make the most of the six-month opportunity and avoid negative attitudes that would hinder their success and the future of the program.

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