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LOCK HAVEN — The new Robert and Dolores Lynch Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) at Lock Haven, a Commonwealth university, has seen many students pass through its doors since it opened in September.

“Students come and go all day, whether to mingle and/or study,” said Mia Swales ’19, director of CRM and student success specialist.

The center, located at 103 Raub Hall, has been an ongoing project for over a year. In the spring of 2021, students, staff, faculty, and alumni reached out to President Bashar Hanna regarding the need for a multicultural center at Lock Haven. In the fall of 2021, Albert Jones ’99, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, was tasked with bringing the center to life.

“The Lock Haven Multicultural Resource Center is a great addition to the campus and will serve to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds. I am proud of the collaborative work that has brought the center to fruition, honoring the legacy of Dr. and Mrs. Lynch,” Hanna said.

A grand opening for the MRC was part of Lock Haven’s homecoming festivities. During the opening event, several Lock Haven staff and alumni spoke about how the center would benefit current students.

The CRM is designed to foster healthy relationships and community on campus with a focus on student achievement, leadership, and engagement. It is open to all students and will serve as an inclusive place where students can feel welcome, safe and respected. In addition, a multitude of programs will be created to introduce students to different cultures, ethnicities and religions.

Center staff, in addition to Swales, include: a graduate assistant from Lusby, Maryland, includes students Raymond Sheriff, president of the Black Student Union and community development and resource advocate, from Philadelphia; Daje Brockington, chair of the Multicultural Advisory Activities Council (MAAC) and Cultural Advocacy and Student Voice, Philadelphia; Taylor Little, MAAC vice president and leadership mentor and coordinator, of Philadelphia; Tynesha Holloway, Social Media Coordinator, Philadelphia; Loris Rodriguez, Latino Student Association program coordinator, of Reading; and Derrick Cheeks, DEI mental health advocate, of Philadelphia.

“We want nothing more than to lead with love and provide a sense of community and support for students,” Swales said. “We strive to advocate for student needs and be a liaison when needed. Within the center and at The Haven, we want students to be engaged, feel a sense of belonging, and feel at home as they create the community and relationships they want and need.

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