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New Handshake Program Provides Job Opportunities for Students

Toppel Career Center is launching a new tool that personalizes internships and jobs based on students’ chosen field of study.

For many students, completing an internship at university is an important stepping stone to employment.

Up to 52% of students who work as interns are hired for full-time employment with the same company or organization. And if the student is applying for other jobs, just having internship experience on their resume can make them a much more attractive candidate. They often get 75% more job offers, and that may also prompt employers to offer that student a higher salary, according to statistics from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

To help University of Miami students find jobs and internships more easily, the University’s Toppel Career Center is launching a new tool called Handshake Feeds. The search tool allows students to find internships and filtered jobs for their major through their school or college’s website, then apply immediately. The University of Miami is only the second institution in the nation to offer the streams, and Toppel staff hope it will help more students gain work experience while studying.

“Since not all students come to Toppel in person or virtually, we wanted to explore how we could put these jobs and internships in places they are already looking for,” said Christian Garcia, Associate Dean and Executive Director of Toppel. “At the end of the day, we want our students to be hired. And we want them to be in the best possible position to get job offers or get into higher education, so the best way to do that is to have work or internship experience. This is the number one thing employers are looking for right now.

To that end, on each school or college’s website, there is now a career resources section, where job and internship opportunities are tailored to each major available at that school. Once a student clicks on their major or area of ​​interest, the Handshake platform displays a list of the latest job and internship opportunities.

The tool can also help students see the range of career options available to them that they may not have considered, but are associated with their study path, according to Alexa Lord, Director of Evaluation and Communication at Toppel. Creating the streams was a year-long collaborative effort between faculty members from each school and Toppel staff, she added.

“For a history major, many companies want to hire this student for their critical thinking and communication skills, but students may not know what jobs are available,” Garcia pointed out. “These streams will expand their possibilities, but the streams are also public. So even prospective students and parents can see the applicability of different majors.

To capitalize on new flows, Toppel encourages all students to take advantage of Handshake, its free job search and internship platform for all current students and recent graduates. Since Handshake partners with over 200,000 employers to list thousands of jobs and internships, it is able to further customize job postings based on a student’s interests in a given industry as well as in certain companies and places. Also, if students complete their profile and make it public to employers on Handshake, they are often contacted by recruiters, according to Lord and Garcia.

For students interested in getting help building a resume or preparing for an interview, Toppel staff members are also available in-person and virtually for guidance through walk-in coaching during the week.

Toppel will also host its Fall Job and Internship Expo at the Watsco Center on October 3. Register here.

To find your own Handshake streams, visit each school or college’s website below and follow the guidance provided.

To access your Handshake account, visit the website here.

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