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It could be a pretty simple way to increase your income.

Key points

  • Many people could use an increase in income due to inflation.
  • Rather than spending hours tuning into a side gig, there may be an easier way to generate money.
  • Allowing pet owners to rent your unused fenced yard space could earn you money by the hour.

Many people today are struggling with exorbitant costs of living. If you’re tired of having to dip into your savings and rack up giant credit card balances just to stay afloat, it might be time to consider a side hustle.

The benefit of getting a second job? You have the opportunity to increase your income not only to cover your essential bills, but also, potentially, to earn some extra spending money. The downside of getting a second job? The time commitment.

The hours you spend working on your side are hours you won’t have left to take care of household chores, run errands, socialize, or relax with a good book or streaming service. And so it’s easy to see why you might avoid a parallel hustle, despite the financial benefits.

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But if you don’t want to waste a lot of time on a side hustle, here’s some good news. There may be a way for you to increase your income without breaking a sweat in the process.

Make good use of your outdoor space

During the pandemic, there has been a surge in dog adoptions. But many pet owners without their own outdoor space now realize just how difficult it can be. Walking a dog is not the same as allowing it to run off leash. And that’s where you come in.

If you own a home with an enclosed outdoor space, such as a fenced back yard, you may be able to rent it out to dog owners on an hourly basis and earn some money in the process. You can register your property on sites like Sniffspot, and from there, all you have to do is sit back and wait for dog owners to sign up to use your space. If the idea of ​​having to wait for tables every night until you’re ready to drop or unplug to do boring data entry work doesn’t appeal to you, then renting your outdoor space is a great idea. side gig worth considering.

It’s not just your yard you can rent out

Renting out your garden is a relatively easy way to earn extra money. But that’s not the only part of your home you can monetize.

If you have extra aisle space in an area where parking is hard to find, you may consider renting that space. And this is just one example. You may be able to explore other options to turn your home into a source of cash. At a time when the cost of living is rising, this creativity could really serve you well financially.

Remember that these days the gig economy is booming and there are plenty of side jobs you can sign up for. But most of them require you to spend a lot of time, which means making sacrifices. Renting out your garden or another part of your house could help you increase your income without giving up much-needed free time.

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