You are currently viewing National Customer Service Week: Alabama Power employee Broderick Smith serves the community through his work and as a volunteer leader

National Customer Service Week: Alabama Power employee Broderick Smith serves the community through his work and as a volunteer leader

When Alabama Power was founded, William Patrick Lay called the company “developed for the service of Alabama”. Broderick Smith, a member of Alabama Power’s customer service team, embodies this motto in the way he approaches customer service with a commitment to serving the community.

A native of Selma, Smith works as a field service representative in the Montgomery office.

“I wanted to take a job that was more customer service oriented,” Smith said. “Customers see us, they see Alabama Power. I love working with clients because each client is different, each site is different.

Broderick Smith’s red shirt lets people know the Alabama Power Service Organization is hard at work. A member of the volunteer group since 2013, Smith will become its state council chairman next year. (contributed)

For Smith, great service means seeing each customer as an individual and going the extra mile.

“Customers need to see us and realize that not only do we care about their electricity bill, but we care about the services, everything about them. This is where you demonstrate great customer service,” he said.

Smith’s passion for service goes beyond his daily interactions with customers as he actively serves the community through volunteerism. Smith has been a member of the corporate volunteer team, the Alabama Power Service Organization (APSO), since 2013.

“I want to give back to my community. I want to see the impact of what we do as a company to help others in the community,” he said.

Smith’s involvement as a volunteer quickly transitioned into leadership roles within the organization. In 2017, he was appointed President of the APSO Southern Section and is currently Vice President of the APSO Board of Directors. He will assume the role of chairman of the APSO board of directors next year, leading the organization’s volunteer efforts statewide.

“Being part of APSO allows us to show customers that we’re not the only ones answering the phone,” he said. “What we do through service is let customers know that we want to be part of the community and give back.”

APSO members are easily recognized by wearing red shirts when volunteering. For Smith, it’s important to be part of a collective team of employees who are in the community and show customers that they serve others beyond work.

Broderick Smith takes advantage of the variety of volunteer opportunities available to Alabama Power employees through the Alabama Power Service Organization. (contributed)

“It stands out. When people see that red shirt and see how much fun we’re having and how we’re helping, it makes a big difference,” he said.

When asked what his favorite APSO projects have been, it’s hard for Smith to pick just a few. One of the most notable was a landscaping project in downtown Montgomery along the Alabama River. APSO volunteers cleaned up and placed sod in the area of ​​the park where the riverboat is docked, a popular spot for Montgomery residents and tourists.

“It was a great way to show our support for the city,” he said. “A lot of people participated and it really made a difference to the people who live in our community.”

As Smith looks forward to taking on the role of APSO President next year, his goal is to bring even more employees from different backgrounds to the table to serve the community.

“There’s a lot of value in bringing people together from across the company to work together and work with APSO,” he said. “Our function at Alabama Power is more than keeping the lights on. Hopefully we can show how special we are in how we serve our community.

Smith is one of many customer service team members who make a difference every day at Alabama Power. Join us in marking National Customer Service Week October 4-8 to celebrate customer service in many industries across the United States and around the world.

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