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My side hustle is so successful I make $650,000 a year and quit my full-time job – it’s the easiest business in America

A BUSINESSMAN has revealed he was earning $650,000 a year after quitting his job for his inspired cleaning hustle.

Brian Winch started picking up trash in the 1980s in order to earn extra money before pursuing the role full-time.


Brian Winch has made his cleaning job a career and earns thousands of dollars a yearCredit: Amazon

Winch described the side hustle as “America’s easiest business”.

He told Vital Dollar that he helped his dad pick up the trash when he was little to earn some extra cash.

He continued his cleaning business in 1981 as he was unhappy with his full-time job.

Winch said, “I didn’t have a lot of money to invest, a college education, or any special skills, so my options were limited.”

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The thrifty businessman revealed that he earns around $650,000 a year and charges clients up to $50 an hour.

He was inspired by his father who picked up the trash before work every morning.

Winch added: “I remembered it being almost as easy to do as going for a walk – and making some money.”

He made more money cleaning than working full time after just two months.

He now shares his expertise with budding entrepreneurs who plan to pursue a similar career.

Winch said there are low costs associated with a clean side hustle, adding that all it takes is investing in a “vehicle, broom and waste collection tool”.

He added: “You don’t need any specific skills or experience.”

And, he suggested that secondary hustle could be accommodated around a full-time job.

He revealed that businessmen will become “profitable” as soon as they find their first client.

Winch also said there are opportunities to intensify a cleanse-inspired secondary hustle.

He said: “You can run this business as a simple one-person operation or recruit an army of people to do the cleaning for you.”

The Sun revealed how Jason Sadler raked in around $500,000 a year from his side-hustle while wearing t-shirts.

He founded the company IWearYourShirt and decided to launch the business during the 2008 recession.


He told Wandering Aimfully that he wants to get paid to wear t-shirts for a living.

Sadler has worked with thousands of companies, including giants such as Starbucks and Pizza Hut, where he has promoted their business.

The businessman, a former ATP tour graphic designer, came up with the idea while working with his business partner on their web design company.

He told Forbes: “A new idea came to mind. An idea that would eventually consume my thoughts day after day.

“I wanted to be paid to wear T-shirts. I had tasted the creative freedom of working for myself, but it was an idea that belonged only to me.

Influencer Bryan Tate says he can make thousands from his “bird dog” side.

A bird dog is someone who tries to locate properties for real estate investors.

Bryan revealed that all you need is a notebook, a pen and a cell phone.

He called on people to be on the lookout for homes and properties that appear to be in distress.

This means looking for homes with peeling paint, tall grass, or any other part of the property that might need repair.

Pastor Joel Young, who was struggling under a mountain of debt, raised more than a million dollars thanks to his voice-over stampede.

The brilliant idea came after Joel hired a voiceover actor for a church project, which charged $10 on Fiverr’s freelance marketplace.

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Joel revealed that he tends to create over 50 videos a month and claims to have made $1.5 million in the five years he has used Fiverr.

And, a shrewd entrepreneur reportedly made $15,000 a month reselling cheap products on Amazon for huge profits.

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