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My Pivot Journal: This Fashionista’s Love of Creativity Made Her a Digital Ferris Wheel

Tolulope Lawal’s nickname, “Digital Jagaban”, signals his reputation and outgoing personality. Her creativity, coupled with her multitasking prowess, has earned her a seven-year career path between fashion, technology, marketing and entertainment. But what’s more interesting is how he’s on a mission to bind them all into one body.

how it started

Lawal’s love for technology started when he was a child. According to him, he was the only one interested in the computer his mother had bought for the house. “After a month or two, it was obvious that no one in the house was using the computer except me,” he said. This early love for computers led him to study computer science at Fountain University in Osun State.

But at the same time, Lawal wanted to explore his creative side. He then became a self-taught graphic designer. “I was just playing on YouTube until I came across some design videos. I got interested and started learning,” he said.

This decision went well for him, as it opened up an entrepreneurial path. He went from designing flyers and posters to creating merchandise, establishing himself in the fashion world. It didn’t take long for her to launch a clothing line. At that point, one could easily have said that Lawal had finally found his footing. But he was just getting started.


After graduating, Lawal took a job as creative art director at Naijaloaded, a Nigerian entertainment platform. He always had his clothing line on the side. However, the company had a challenge. “The clothing line needed a lot more marketing effort,” he said. “Even though it had become a scramble, I wanted it to succeed.”

Lawal’s curiosity resurfaced when he realized he needed to find better ways to market his brand.

And since he’s always been an explorer, he thought it would be interesting to learn a new skill. So he decided to learn and master the art of digital marketing.

Tolulope Lawal


Lawal’s primary learning platform has always been YouTube. And for digital marketing, it was no different. It didn’t take him long to fall in love with marketing and he decided to take other courses. He started buying courses on Coursera and racking up professional certifications. What started as a desire to grow her side business has become another branch of her digital career.

He grew bored of his old job and decided to try his new skills. He had the chance to do this with E-purse Systems Limited, an electronic payment agency whose ticketing was used on public transport services (BRT and BFS) in Lagos State. However, learning on the job was not easy as it required him to multi-task a lot. “I was like a one-man army for the agency,” he said. “That’s where I developed my strength as a digital marketer.”

During this time, Lawal did not stop taking classes. He was passionate about digital marketing and now wanted to make his way in this field. But another challenge for him was that he had to find a balance between developing his career and taking care of his family. “I still don’t think I’ve perfected the art of time management,” he said. “I think that’s one of my biggest challenges. But I am working on managing my time better.

His next job was with Fritz Nigeria Limited, a leading digital marketing agency. There he was able to use his digital marketing skills on a larger scale, working with household names like Budweiser, Drugstoc, Globacom, DSTV and BBNaija.

Lawal credits his networking skills to his fast browsing. “To be honest, my network is one of my greatest strengths,” he said. “I feel like I have an amazing group of friends and acquaintances. We all look out for each other.

How are you

Today, Lawal’s ambition hasn’t diminished as he still doesn’t think he got his big chance. “I don’t think I’ve had a breakthrough yet. I’m still learning,” he said. However, he now aims to bring all of his passions together into one brand. “I truly believe that technology, entertainment and marketing are not mutually exclusive.”

As a result, he decided to focus more on making his skills available to clients in the entertainment industry, such as content consulting for music promotion.

Meanwhile, his entrepreneurial spirit is still alive as he still runs his clothing line and Sunday at Lashe, an outdoor resort service. “I don’t have a strategy yet. I just know that I want to bridge technology, market and entertainment. So I would seize new lucrative opportunities to learn in these sectors,” he said.

career hack

Find happiness in what you do.

Lawal thinks the ideology around technology that “you have no life” is a myth. “As a technical brother, you can always have fun, do humanitarian work. Just do what makes you happy to put food on the table.

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