MSTV focuses on careers and real-world tech education

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Manatee School Television’s school sports coverage, featured on MSTV’s “Game of the Week,” is shifting from fall to winter athletics, but its educational focus remains.

Especially behind the camera.

“The community doesn’t just see these student-athletes on the playing field, but students get real-world experience outside of the classroom,” said Matt Messenger, MSTV Television Services Supervisor. “They’re using cameras, working on live productions, pulling cables, giving them that next step that students in other counties might not get.”

While other county high schools also have television programs, Messenger credited the award-winning Southeast SETV with great influence.

“I think people saw what Southeast was doing — SETV has had field gear and done live production for years — and said, ‘Why not speed this up? Expanding our career and tech education? »

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