You are currently viewing Montecito High’s new principal ready to guide Ramona students’ academic and career paths

Montecito High’s new principal ready to guide Ramona students’ academic and career paths

The new principal of Montecito High School, Melissa Marovich, is looking forward to reconnecting with the students after half a dozen years in administrative duties.

Over the years, Marovich has worked as a teacher at Vista and Escondido, vice principal at Vista, and principal at Fallbrook. Then, in 2016, she served as the Director of Student Services, Special Education, and Vocational Technical Education at Fallbrook. For the past two years, she has served as the Special Education Coordinator for the San Dieguito Union School District.

“My most important goal is to help students prepare for college and careers,” said the 27-year-old educator. “I don’t just want them to graduate, but to leave here with a plan for their next step in mind and a plan for how they’re going to get there.”

Marovich, 49, said she provides a solid foundation for understanding student needs and how best to support staff.

“I’m confident we’ll continue to do great things here,” she said. “I am really happy to be part of this wonderful team of teachers. They are amazing.

The Vista resident holds a doctorate in educational leadership from the joint doctoral program of UC San Diego and Cal State University San Marcos. She also has a BA in Spanish and Psychology and is certified in Spanish, Psychology/Social Sciences and English.

She followed in her family’s footsteps – her father was a teacher, her mother was a school nurse and her sister is a teacher.

Early in her career, she taught Spanish and English in the Vista Unified School District and Spanish in the Escondido Union High School District from 1996 to 2006.

Then her mentor at Alta Vista High School in the Vista School District, retired principal Larry Ullrich, convinced her to pursue an administrative career.

“He was a great mentor and inspired me to lead,” Marovich said.

In 2006, she became vice principal of Vista Focus Academy at Vista, where she led an opportunity program for at-risk ninth graders.

From there, she said she started working at the “best job she’s ever had”, as principal of complementary school Ivy High School and independent study school Oasis High. School in the Fallbrook Union High School school district. Together, she spent eight years in these roles.

Marovich was promoted to director of student services, special education, and vocational technical education in the Fallbrook District.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to support a larger group of students and learn more about the day-to-day operations of the district in a broader form,” she said. “I learned how to influence student growth and success there. But there’s nothing quite like being around kids every day.

Marovich has continued on this path as the Special Education Coordinator in the San Dieguito Union School District for the past two years.

“It was another great learning experience on how to support a group of students who need more different types of support,” she said. “It was a great opportunity for me to understand special education and help students learn and grow. I feel like a much stronger principal because of the experience I’ve gained, especially over the past two years working with special education students.

The new principal of Montecito High and Future Bound said she has previously engaged with Montecito students at enrollment meetings where she has spoken to them about building good habits and connecting those habits for students. prepare for career paths after high school and college. Her goal for them is not just to complete compulsory education, but to prepare them for college, a career and life, she said.

Marovich adds that a complementary school is similar to a community where she can support families and students and make changes for the better. One change she foresees is duplicating the career path program that Montecito teacher Nicholas Jordan forged with his building program. His intention is to support what he is doing to help students learn the construction trade and replicate it in other subjects, she said.

Beyond school, Marovich has a son, Alex Marovich, 18, who attends Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida as a freshman, and daughter, Melanie Marovich, 15, who is a sophomore. year at Vista High School. In her spare time, Marovich enjoys walking her two dogs and has just completed her third half marathon this year.

“It feels good to have students on campus and I can see they’re enjoying the routine,” Marovich said, noting that it’s great to be back in person after the COVID quarantines. “I know teachers feel the same way. It’s an amazing community and I’m extremely lucky to be in this position and to be able to continue the legacy of Montecito.

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